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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
« GE273GE544Below formSV8GE139GE207Below formGE284Below formGE347 5 MR 68 HCPTurfHER ROYAL MAJESTY68A 4f60.0910.0056.56 
SV107SV366SV423Below formSV9Below formSV107GE251Below formSV319 5 MR 68 HCPTurfSOIREE67A 4f59.5121.3256.81 
« GE452GE552GE664Below formSV33GE207GE284GE386ABelow form 5 MR 68 HCPTurfMATADORA'S PARADE68A 4f60.0232.0556.95 
« KW320KW348KW407KW476Below formKW17DE58GE414 5 MR 68 HCPTurfHELLO TOMORROW60A 4f56.0*1.5642.3257.00 
« GE25GE111GE207GE274GE287GE388AGE432 5 MR 68 HCPTurfCOLOUR OF LIGHT65A B6m58.5*2.5552.9557.12 
« GE576GE668SV727SV76SV119GE210Below formSV313 5 MR 68 HCPTurfPALMHEART70A B4f61.0*2.51064.3257.38 
« TN279Below formVR405TN459Below formGE664GE25GE111GE194Below form 5 MR 68 HCPTurfBLACK FERRARI61A 4f56.5475.4757.60 
« GE704GE25Below formGE83GE180GE274GE287GE433Below form 5 MR 68 HCPTurfSARABI63A B7m57.5785.6857.64 
SV390 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfCIVIL RIGHTS A 2f60.0115.7457.65 
« GE564GE603GE11GE56ASV102GE150GE388A 5 MR 68 HCPTurfJUSTADOREHER72A B4f62.0*4.0396.5357.80 
« SV33GE111GE284Below formGE287GE349Below formGE386ABelow formGE432 5 MR 68 HCPTurfASTUTE VISION52A 4f52.08106.8457.86 
SV390 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfDANSE MILORD A 2f60.0828.7458.22 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfBINGIN BEACH A 2f60.06310.3258.52 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfSILVERY BLUE A 2f60.07410.4258.54 
SV390 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfCOUNTESS CARTIER A 2f60.04510.5858.57 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfBAY OF DREAMS A 2f60.02611.7958.80 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfLOVE IS BLIND A 2f60.0*2.55712.8959.01 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfDEMIGOD A 2f60.010813.1659.06 
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfHEARTSEASE A 2f60.09913.4759.12 
SV390 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfCHASE THE STARS A 2f60.031017.3759.86 

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