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24 Feb 2020, Mon Fairview
25 Feb 2020, Tue Durbanville
25 Feb 2020, Tue Kenilworth
26 Feb 2020, Wed Scottsville
27 Feb 2020, Thu Vaal
28 Feb 2020, Fri Fairview
28 Feb 2020, Fri Greyville
29 Feb 2020, Sat Kenilworth

Recent Winners
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South Africa South Africa 2020-02-24  Fairview
Trainer: Alan Greeff
Jockey: Greg Cheyne
South Africa South Africa 2020-02-24  Fairview
Trainer: Alan Greeff
Jockey: Greg Cheyne
South Africa South Africa 2020-02-24  Fairview
Trainer: Gavin Smith
Jockey: Marco V'Rensburg
South Africa South Africa 2020-02-24  Fairview
Trainer: Grant Paddock
Jockey: Luyolo Mxothwa
South Africa South Africa 2020-02-24  Fairview
Trainer: Alan Greeff
Jockey: Greg Cheyne


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"Having watched his [John Sweet's] videos on how to analyse form using Formgrids I thought I knew everything. But Hey, I was wrong! This new look Formgrids is amazing to say the least. I'm not the Pro yet but I have found a few long priced winners using strong or developing formlines as well as the LBH tool."

Robert Jali

Formgrids Media
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The grooms are walking off the track at Fairview, they were preventing the horses from cantering down for race 5, it seems they are walking off and the race will go forward, the police are in the parade ring.


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Play well.



One of racing’s biggest international gatherings, the Asian Racing Conference, being held in Cape Town from Wednesday to Friday this week, will have significant British and Irish representation but a depleted presence from the organisers’ most heavily populated jurisdictions....

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"What are the odds that Warren Kennedy beats Muis Roberts record of 11 times SA champion" asked trainer Gavin Van Zyl when we chatted about Warren's rise to fame and ascension to the top of the jockey log, "Its not a one day thing" Gavin says, "it's been three years in the making, we have clicked as a team and I'm his mentor and spend much time going over his rides after every meeting. I have moulded him and now a few years later he's flying".

"Karis Teethan was first, he was my apprentice and stable jockey as an apprentice, he was then moved to the cape to ride Big City Life in the Met and got the job with Brett Crawford, he won on Jackson and the rest is history, I then took on Aldo Domeyer for a while then Brandon Lerena, then Keagan De Melo so I went through a few jocks and along came Warren, he was sitting at number 57 on the Jockeys log, "remember I was tutored by undoubtedly the greatest jockey this country has ever seen Gerald Turner, once again undoubtedly and definitely the greatest horse racing brain in my time" after Gerald I went overseas and was mentored by Felix Coetzee and then Tony Cruz through Felix Coetzee.

I rode in America and when I came back in 84/85 people laughed at me yet I had a life time of experience from around the world learning from top jockeys, I rubbed shoulders with the best and I listened and learned, I picked up things in America, I've got it all in a stewing pot and i'm putting it all into Warren, I learned a lot in the last 30 years, Warren was only 34 when he joined me and I knew he had his best years ahead, he is mature enough to realize what to do, he is really shining now due to his dedication, dedication is an ingredient for success, remember I started off with 4 horses and built up to 3 yards with my two sons who were dedicated and also prepared to listen and learn.

Warren Kennedy had talent and i knew I could assist and further his ability with my knowledge and experience, Warren is still a work in progress but he has given heart and soul and is so committed and hungry and he deserves his place on the top, he has the character to succeed in this game, I can really moan if I am not happy with something and he can absorb without taking it personal, I phone him at different hours and question him about a certain thing he may have done in a race and we go through things and see what he could have done differently to have improved his placings, we tackle pace and other issues, and his heart is in it, so it makes the time and effort worthwhile".

As I ask Warren about his success he immediately attributes this to his teaming up with Gavin Van Zyl, "Gavin has become a father figure to me and we get on very well",
"Gavin has put much time into me and I am grateful of the opportunity and have put my heart into developing myself into the best that I can be."

"It's been a long work in process, we started years ago", we have a good and healthy relationship", "the last two years i'm getting chances and have been noticed, opportunities follow and I am trying to make the most of the opportunities so I dont fall by the wayside, its a snowball effect, you do well and you get good rides, you perform on them and you get better rides and that sort of thing goes on and that's how it been for the last year and a half and I haven't looked back", "now I've got Gavin and Gareth Van Zyl in Durban and Paul Peter in Jhb and a few other trainers supporting me.

"I was not really focusing on the championship or any thing but Gavin gave me the nudge and said I think you should maybe go for it" and I decided to give it a try, and its been fantastic, I have two agents who deserve recognition Tofas (Christopher) Santos who does my JHB and CT rides and Gavin Roaste who does my Dbn rides"



With 7 races at the Vaal today
Candice Dawson runners won the first two taking her total to 12 winners out of the last 30 runners, very healthy stats, well done to Candice.


News and Views
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Trainer Gary Alexander won the 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th races at Turffontein today taking his total to 11 winners from his last 30 runners. Replacement riders picked up 4 winning rides as trainer Alexanders regular jockey D Schwarz was indisposed for the day.


Gutsy performance or shall we say Mr Flood came storming home to win the Grade 3 Tommy Hotspur in a time of 56.58 over the 1000m Turffontein Standside.
Good going Mr Lucky Houdalakis.

Owner: Hyperpaint Syndicate (Nom: Late Mr G T Peter)
Breeder: Winterbach Stud

Trainer Paul Peters charge the 2year old colt PORTICO by What A Winter - Mary Longlegs by Caesour (USA) won the 2nd race today at Vaal preventing the Fortune yard from pulling off a massive betting coup with 2 year filly and apprentice ridden AFTERNOON TEA, AFTERNOON TEA came from draw 1 and seemed to make a surge at the 300m and almost hit the front but PORTICO had her measure and stayed on well under jockey Warren Kennedy,
PORTICO won by 0.75 in 57.57 starting at 33/10


VARINA ridden by Aldo Domeyer looked super impressive as she drew away from her field in the 1st today at the Vaal, VARINA is trained by Ashley Fortune and her stable looks to be coming to form again.
Var (USA) - Hidden Beauty by Victory Moon
Owner: Mr M J A Ferreira
Breeder: Rathmor Stud (Nom: Mr M A McHardy)
Trainer: Ashley Fortune
VARINA won by 4.75 in a time of 57.41 with a starting price of 8/11



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