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(FW345) PLAY SOCCER 6, 10 AND 13 MR 74 HANDICAP (Open)
Date: 2021-03-05 Time: 14:40
Type: MR 74 HCP Prize: R50000
Venue: Fairview Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
DE404DE510KW36DE123KW229Below formKW260KW3556ATTORNEY GENERAL Luke Ferraris 4g71A 58.52 1 -0.2597.789/257/20FW414
« VR661VR813VR194VR256VR298Below formVR350FW3154GOLD ROCK Chase Maujean 4g72A B59.03 2 0.2597.834/118/10FW386FW414
« FW365FW496FW42FW90Below formFW150Below formFW305Below formFW328Below form13TOM 'N JERRY Marco V'Rensburg 5g63A B54.514 3 3.7598.4025/166/1 
« DE69FW172FW202FW217FW227FW283FW30515ALL IN LINEL Greg Cheyne 5g59A C52.510 4 3.8098.4167/207/1FW372
« FW459FW1FW113FW158FW182FW251FW2813UP EARLY Luyolo Mxothwa 4g73A 59.59 5 4.5598.5113/215/2 
« GE616Below formSV730GE51GE204GE250GE368FW2991ARRABIATA Richard Fourie 4f75A B60.512 6 5.5598.6612/125/1FW403
« FW254FW295FW434FW249FW254FW270FW316Below form12LITTLE DRUMMER BOY Ryan Munger 5g63A B54.51 7 5.8098.7120/150/1FW372
« FW158FW182FW207FW249FW295FW306FW320Below form8LATEST CRAZE Kyle Strydom 4g69A B57.5*2.54 8 6.0598.7516/122/1FW372FW393
« FW76FW99FW113FW164FW267FW271FW31611RIGA D'ORA Julius Mphanya 5g65A X55.5*1.58 9 7.3098.9312/120/1FW369FW393FW403
« FW380Below formFW411FW447FW499FW14Below formFW56FW3322PALACE QUEEN Teaque Gould 4f73A 59.513 10 7.8099.0212/140/1FW380
TN782TN818TN916FW268FW291FW3287TAKE THE WORLD Keanen Steyn 4g71A 58.511 11 8.8099.167/122/1FW369FW394
« FW377FW420FW484FW42FW257Below formFW299Below formFW32810INTERSTATE Stallone Naidoo 4g66A 56.07 12 9.3099.2520/140/1 
TN816FW171FW197FW215FW229FW2575CAPERNAUM Kendall Minnie 3g77A 58.55 13 10.0599.3616/140/1FW361Below formFW403Below form
« FW39Below formFW147FW181FW249FW279FW293FW3289BOLD STRIKE Lukas Bester 4g67A B56.515 14 11.3099.5225/155/1 
« FW162FW193FW225Below formFW251FW305FW316FW34014OASIS QUEEN Yuzae Ramzan 7m61A B53.5*2.516 15 13.8099.9125/1100/1FW361Below formFW392
« FW133FW142FW146Below formFW182FW262FW313FW338Below form16VI VA PI PA Shannon Devoy 5m55A B52.06 16 14.55100.0533/140/1FW359FW393


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