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(FW113) BETTING WORLD - 087 741 2777 PINNACLE STAKES (Open to all horses)
Date: 2019-10-11 Time: 15:35
Type: Pin Stks Prize: R105000
Venue: Fairview Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Polytrack
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« KW332FW362FW406FW437FW537FW40FW741SIR FRENCHIE (AUS)Richard Fourie5G112A 62.011 1 -1.0082.2615/1021/20FW137TN390FW240KW297FW315FW366FW373Below form
« FW125FW172FW248AFW302FW362FW5FW74Below form4KIMBERLEY STARGreg Cheyne5G100A C59.58 2 1.0082.4014/128/1FW137FW194FW242FW283FW366FW452
« FW430FW479FW537FW573FW596FW49FW797LETS PLAY BALLLuyolo Mxothwa4G94A 58.07 3 4.2582.8927/412/1FW194Below formFW242FW265Below formFW283Below formFW310FW373FW422
« FW362FW406FW437FW487FW537FW15FW743EXELEROChase Maujean9G106A B62.010 4 4.3082.9012/128/1FW137
« KW251KW332KW362KW476SV745FW40Below formFW74Below form2DUTCH PHILIPWayne Agrella5G108A 62.01 5 4.5582.9427/413/2FW137FW193FW240Below formFW283Below formFW428FW452Below form
« VR738TN773VR815VR835FW522FW566FW3811RINGS AND THINGSTeaque Gould5M89A 53.56 6 4.6582.9727/45/1FW143FW185FW265Below formFW306Below formFW389Below form
« GE858KW208KW476KW550KW614FW15Below formFW745LORD BALMORAL (AUS)M J Byleveld6G99A 59.55 7 5.1583.036/112/1FW137Below formFW163FW193FW240FW283Below formFW359Below formKW411
« FW318FW364FW405FW504FW596FW15FW49Below form9THE HIGHWAY MANMuzi Yeni4G93A 58.03 8 5.4083.0816/128/1FW163FW194Below formFW242FW265FW299FW355FW373 »
« FW406FW437FW487FW537FW5FW40Below formFW74Below form6OMEGA ONSLAUGHTJulius Mphanya7G97A B59.5*2.59 9 5.5083.0912/150/1FW137FW193Below formFW209Below formFW283Below formFW355FW428FW452
« FW277FW332FW354FW430FW479FW15FW798LORD WINDERMERECharles Ndlovu6G93A B58.012 10 5.6083.1214/136/1 
« FW406FW455FW487FW537FW556FW573FW7410AMAZON KINGWarren Kennedy6G88A B56.52 11 6.3583.2520/166/1KY107KY113Below formKY133KY149Below formKY157KY179KY194Below form
« FW361FW415FW447FW513FW596FW24FW7212COUNTING STARSKeanen Steyn6G80A 53.54 12 8.6083.5925/166/1FW145FW194


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