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(FW577) TAB PAYS THE FULL DIVIDEND, NO LIMITS MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-07-19 Time: 13:40
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R74000
Venue: Fairview Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Polytrack
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« VR272VR328FW483FW492FW501FW526FW5701SUZIE MAYWEATHERBernard Fayd'Herbe3F52A 60.04 1 -0.5098.503/113/4FW32FW57FW107Below formFW142KY112KY132KY141Below form »
« KW216KW260KW286FW344FW385FW494FW5102ELUSIVE GREENLuyolo Mxothwa3F50A 60.013 2 0.5098.6017/48/1FW52FW87FW118FW141FW184Below formFW223FW262 »
TN308VR490TN853TN1037FW526FW5546IN THE SKYGreg Cheyne4F48A 60.09 3 1.0098.6969/2013/4FW10FW53FW70FW101FW149FW199FW246
FW179FW203FW2997REDAMANCYLyle Hewitson3F46A 60.010 4 4.0099.1416/113/1FW593FW10FW70FW87FW118
FW400FW484FW516FW526FW54514NEVERTHELESSMuzi Yeni2F A 56.03 5 5.0099.2919/415/4FW37FW70Below formFW111FW150Below formFW178FW234Below formFW273Below form »
« FW272FW288FW322FW369FW384FW424FW4698EPISODE ONEDevin Ashby3F35A 60.02 6 5.1099.3166/1100/1FW10FW45FW70
« FW333FW369FW469FW494FW526FW545FW5694PROFOUNDChase Maujean3F49A 60.012 7 5.3599.3712/118/1 
« FW280FW359FW369FW393FW467FW485FW5263WINTER ORCHIDRobert Khathi3F50A 60.05 8 12.10100.415/112/1FW44
FW483FW501FW526FW5549RED FORESTCollen Storey3F33a B60.011 9 16.35101.0866/166/1FW29FW63FW70FW84FW157FW173FW182 »
« FW344FW375FW393FW422FW451FW501FW5185GINGER ROCKCharles Ndlovu3F48A 60.01 10 19.85101.6412/112/1FW37
« FW305FW331FW375FW444FW467FW526FW53511MY PREROGATIVEJulius Mphanya5M20A B60.0*2.57 11 29.10103.0466/1100/1FW18FW60
« FW100FW106FW280FW315FW393FW419FW45112OPINIONATEDShadlee Fortune4F20a 60.08 12 36.85104.2566/1100/1FW18FW35FW60
VR742TN819FW25FW280FW288FW39310MONTREUXKeanen Steyn5M20a B60.06 13 53.100.0066/1100/1FW37


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