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(KW236A) CAPE MERCHANTS (Grade 2) (Handicap for 3-year-old Horses and older)
Date: Sunday, 10 December 2023
Time: 16:15 Prize: R500000
Type: Grade 2 Class: A
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« KW271Below formKW316Below formGE889GE961DE105DE137DE17311COSMIC HIGHWAY Craig Zackey 5g108A 55.011 1 -0.2071.3759.487/110/1KW282KW370TN613
« FW333KW413Below formSV812SV855Below formGE916DE140DE171Below form14COUNTDOWN Richard Fourie 4g107A 54.514 2 0.2071.4059.508/125/2KW282KW335Below formKW370FW331
« KW239Below formKW271Below formGE732Below formSV812GE889GE964KW2063SURJAYL Luyolo Mxothwa 5g119A 60.53 3 0.6071.4759.5633/102/1KW317Below form
« KW223KW314GE705GE751GE834GE961Below formGE2006QUASIFORSURE Calvin Habib 5g115A 58.56 4 0.9071.5259.607/15/1KW315KW368
« KW407KW460KW539DE17DE106DE137DE171Below form5WECANGOALLNIGHT Sean Veale 4g106A 54.05 5 1.3071.5859.6516/133/1KW268AKW361Below formKW405KW441Below form
« VR371KW271TN705TN793Below formSV812TN945GE966Below form7BARTHOLDI S'Manga Khumalo 6g119A B60.57 6 1.3571.5959.6616/140/1KW317TN629
« KW261Below formDE356FW416KW493KW539DE17DE45Below form12SILVER FALCON Juan Paul V'D Merwe 5g116A 59.012 7 1.7571.6559.7114/133/1KW315KW370FW331
« KW146Below formKW260KW321KW362GE698Below formDE59DE173Below form9DOUBLE SUPERLATIVE Grant Van Niekerk 5h120A 61.09 8 2.1571.7259.7710/114/1KW282Below formKW320
« KW280KW304KW373KW415Below formKW451DE123DE1738MONTIEN Anthony Andrews 4g105A 53.58 9 2.4571.7759.8110/110/1KW282KW320Below formKW441
« SV565GE752SV812DE17DE45DE105DE171Below form4AFTER THE RAIN Muzi Yeni 6h104A 53.04 10 3.7071.9759.9820/114/1KW315
« KW228KW262KW315KW414GE794GE887DE1371WITHOUT QUESTION Craig Bantam 4g120A 61.01 11 3.9072.0060.0033/1125/1KW280Below formKW320
« KW379KW406KW488Below formKW523DE41DE88Below formDE1402BENJAMIN Joshwin Solomons 6g80A B52.02 12 5.1572.2060.1766/1100/1KW293Below formKW355Below formKW442Below form
« GE705Below formGE752SV808GE961DE45DE137Below formDE171Below form13LOOK FOR HOUNDS Ashton Arries 6g114A B58.013 13 5.2572.2260.1833/1125/1KW315KW405
« FW332KW414Below formKW449KW515DE59DE106Below formDE17110KING REGENT Raymond Danielson 4g115A 58.510 14 5.3572.2360.196/110/1 
« KW298DE332KW372KW493Below formDE87DE140KW20616MUFASA Kabelo Matsunyane 5g102A 52.016 15 6.3572.3960.3325/166/1KW278KW317KW409KW433
KW248KW307SV675SV717GE791GE87915NOBLE CITY Gareth Wright 4g107A 54.515 16 13.1073.4861.2320/125/1 
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