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(TN318) BETWAY SUMMER CUP (Grade 1) (Handicap)
Date: 2023-11-25 Time: 15:35
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R5000000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Standside
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
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Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeSpeedOPSP Post-Races
« TN534TN625Below formSV808Below formGE961Below formSV80Below formGE124GE18314ROYAL VICTORY Muzi Yeni 4g111A 54.013 1 -2.25124.0562.0350/133/1SV468
« GE732TN861GE836Below formGE887GE966TN194Below formTN229Below form7SAFE PASSAGEL Luyolo Mxothwa 5g117A 56.08 2 2.25124.4462.2214/111/2TN533TN566Below form
« TN624TN710Below formTN796TN917GE887GE962TN2295BLESS MY STARSL Richard Fourie 4f119A 56.52 3 2.35124.4662.237/111/2TN566Below form
« VR888Below formVR926TN988Below formTN1031Below formTN46VR160TN23015ZEUS Denis Schwarz 5g111A 54.04 4 2.40124.4662.2325/18/1TN440TN529
« TN534Below formTN625Below formTN819TN846GE794GE834TN229Below form12SHOEMAKER Diego De Gouveia 4g112A 54.017 5 4.00124.7462.3750/150/1TN399TN459Below formTN515Below form
« TN492VR542Below formTN641TN709GE794GE887TN255Below form10SON OF RAJ Athandiwe Mgudlwa 4g115A B54.518 6 4.05124.7562.3816/133/1TN533
« TN794Below formGE751GE792SV853GE883GE965Below formTN255Below form11ARAGOSTA Jarryd Penny 5g114A 54.51 7 4.15124.7762.3950/150/1KW217KW284KW321
« KW173Below formKW208KW241GE751GE834GE887TN229Below form3WINCHESTER MANSION Kabelo Matsunyane 5g121A C58.010 8 4.20124.7762.399/214/1 
« TN248VR329TN534TN1003TN13TN194TN25513ATTICUS FINCH Calvin Habib 4g111A 54.05 9 4.40124.8162.416/111/2 
« TN623Below formTN708Below formTN794TN920GE887TN130TN2291PUERTO MANZANO (ARG) Gavin Lerena 6g125A B60.015 10 4.60124.8462.429/28/1TN533Below form
« TN575Below formTN626Below formTN690Below formTN794GE887GE966TN229Below form8SECOND BASE Kaidan Brewer 6g117A B56.06 11 4.75124.8762.4475/1100/1TN399TN440TN529Below form
« TN489TN534Below formTN625TN708GE734GE794TN177Below form4ANFIELDS ROCKET Raymond Danielson 4g120A 57.09 12 5.50125.0062.5020/116/1KW282KW320
« TN319TN534Below formTN625Below formGE734GE794TN194Below formTN255Below form16EAST COAST Juan Paul V'D Merwe 4c110A 54.07 13 6.75125.2162.6166/140/1VR469TN529Below formVR571
« TN690Below formTN794Below formGE751GE834Below formTN145TN194TN255Below form17LITIGATION Craig Zackey 5g110A C54.016 14 7.50125.3462.6716/140/1TN369Below formTN440Below formTN515TN566
« TN623Below formTN708Below formGE732GE836Below formTN109TN177Below formTN229Below form6BINGWA Serino Moodley 6g118A B56.53 15 8.50125.5262.7640/1100/1TN533Below formTN566Below form
« KW207KW272GE660GE734GE794Below formGE836Below formTN2292COUSIN CASEY Grant Van Niekerk 4c123A 58.511 16 9.50125.6962.856/110/1TN533
« TN533TN624Below formTN710GE733Below formGE793TN176Below formTN22919LADY OF POWER Chase Maujean 4f107A B54.014 17 13.50126.3863.19100/1125/1TN369GE347TN515Below form
« TN491TN625TN709TN794GE887TN194TN2559BILLY BOWLEGS S'Manga Khumalo 4c117A 55.512 18 99999.99500.0016/18/1 
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