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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
TN110TN244TN280 6 Grade 2TurfMALMOOS110A 3c60.0*0.0110.0097.69 
KW458KW497KW148 6 Grade 2TurfLINEBACKER109A 3g60.0920.4297.77 
KW358SV595KW47KW148 6 Grade 2TurfRASCALLION109A 3c60.0631.5397.98 
« KW200KW260KW380KW420KW465Below formKW499Below formKW165 9 MR 88 HCPTurfARCTIC DRIFT87A 4g59.5511.5397.98 
KW358SV650KW45DE103KW147 9 MR 88 HCPTurfCONTACT ZONE92A 3c55.0621.7998.03 
GE18DE127KW166 6 Grade 2TurfSILVANO'S TIMER88A 3c60.0342.0098.07 
KW413KW3KW40DE99 6 Grade 2TurfHOEDSPRUIT95A 3g60.01052.6398.19 
SV594GE678GE13DE126KW165Below form 9 MR 88 HCPTurfLION'S HEAD88A 3c53.0132.6898.20 
KW25DE60DE117DE138 6 Grade 2TurfRED LARK91A 3g60.0863.3298.32 
« KW343Below formKW365Below formDE404Below formKW414DE489DE99Below formDE133Below form 9 MR 88 HCPTurfANECDOTE76A B4g54.0743.7998.41 
« KW232Below formKW284KW369KW420KW465Below formKW499Below formKW150 9 MR 88 HCPTurfCAPTAIN FLINDERS89A 4g60.5253.9598.44 
KW413DE487DE16KW47DE91KW147 6 Grade 2TurfNOIR'S BOY90A 3c60.0273.9598.44 
« KW339KW380Below formKW408DE489KW4KW48DE139 9 MR 88 HCPTurfBLACK BELT79A 6g55.51064.5898.56 
KW423KW497Below formDE105KW148Below form 6 Grade 2TurfMY BESTIE90A B3g60.0584.8498.61 
« DE412KW458KW502KW437Below formDE489DE15DE81 9 MR 88 HCPTurfDESTIN78A 5g55.0475.4798.73 
« KW437Below formKW467DE489KW38DE79DE99KW165 9 MR 88 HCPTurfROCKIN' RINGO88A 5g60.0986.5898.94 
« KW321KW368DE404KW408KW467DE507Below formDE133Below form 9 MR 88 HCPTurfMIDNIGHT BADGER77A B4g54.5*0.0397.4799.11 
KW423KW3KW19KW47 9 MR 88 HCPTurfZO LUCKY87A 3g52.58109.4299.48 
SV595SV650GE706GE69 6 Grade 2TurfCRIMSON KING108A 3g60.04913.16100.19 
SV594GE710KW163 6 Grade 2TurfASHFORD CASTLE94A 3g60.071013.84100.32 

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