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(KW335) BIDVEST MAJORCA STAKES (WFA) (Grade 1) (For Fillies and Mares at weight for age)
Date: 2020-02-01 Time: 16:20
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R1000000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« KW151KW252KW289KW334KW476KW239KW2922CLOUDS UNFOLD Aldo Domeyer 4f125A 60.013 1 -0.3097.4829/421/4KW411GE636GE712Below formDE106KW207
« GE700SV744GE849GE901VR332KW237KW2921CELTIC SEA Gavin Lerena 4f126A B60.08 2 0.3097.5333/1049/20TN777VR811SV656GE712
« KW330GE634GE700SV744GE849KW208Below formKW292Below form7TEMPLE GRAFIN Warren Kennedy 4f115A 60.05 3 1.5597.7428/166/1SV600Below formGE635Below formGE712
« KW18KW48DE92KW150KW193KW241KW29113KELPIE Greg Cheyne 3f110A 56.01 4 1.6097.7520/116/1GE580Below formGE637GE693GE73KW180
« SV675GE726GE847GE903KW197KW257KW299Below form6MIYABI GOLD Bernard Fayd'Herbe 5m115A 60.010 5 2.8597.9614/140/1GE617GE711GE73
« GE634GE700GE761GE903KW208KW257KW2995SILVANO'S PRIDE Richard Fourie 4f117A 60.011 6 2.9597.9716/125/1GE635GE711KW207Below form
« DE392DE424KW506KW5DE62KW184KW29112SLEEPING SINGLE (GB) Piere Strydom 4f100A 59.54 7 3.7098.1022/150/1GE635GE712Below formGE73
« KW508KW575DE94DE125KW208KW257FW259Below form9STAR FIGHTER Anthony Andrews 4f105A 60.06 8 5.4598.3940/175/1KW361Below formKW463Below formKW500
« GE634GE700GE761GE849KW208Below formKW237Below formKW299Below form4SANTA CLARA Keagan De Melo 4f117A 60.014 9 6.4598.5620/150/1KW361Below form
« KW467KW508KW575DE94KW197KW257KW2908HELEN'S IDEAL Donovan Dillon 4f108A 60.03 10 7.2098.6836/166/1KW361Below formKW501Below formKW31DE62DE106KW195Below form
« KW334GE700GE761GE849DE94KW237KW299Below form3FRONT AND CENTRE Anton Marcus 4f120A B60.07 11 8.9598.979/233/4KW361
TN1125TN142TN164TN242TN296TN392KW29911QUEEN SUPREME (IRE) Callan Murray 4f122A 59.59 12 10.4599.2217/1017/10TN821TN891
« GE796SV14SV63Below formGE177KW208KW257KW29110STELVIO Sean Veale 5m91A B60.02 13 11.7099.4366/175/1GE617GE15GE138Below formGE237Below form
DE406DE481KW572KW143KW241KW29214THIRD RUNWAY Morne Winnaar 3f109A 56.012 14 12.9599.6433/150/1KW501DE72DE106KW206


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