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(TN443) BETTING WORLD - 087 741 2777 MR 80 HANDICAP (Open)
Date: 2019-12-14 Time: 14:10
Type: MR 80 HCP Prize: R90000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Standside
Distance: 1800m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR1082VR1142TN189VR285TN3467YOUCANTHURRYLOVE S'Manga Khumalo 3c91A 58.514 1 -3.50111.773/137/20VR532TN635Below formTN722TN822Below formTN158TN229Below form
VR1072TN1126TN1191TN1284TN30TN5711FINAL OCCASION Chase Maujean 4g73A B56.013 2 3.50112.3720/133/1VR534TN586TN653GE647GE703GE53ABelow formSV104 »
« TN903TN1000TN1077VR1119TN1174TN304Below formTN342Below form6ROYAL HONOUR Sherman Brown 7g78A B59.012 3 4.00112.4620/133/1VR485VR533VR567Below formTN697Below formVR733Below form
« VR39TN92TN189TN228TN272TN342TN39112OYSTER KING Cole Dicken 3g84A 55.0*2.59 4 5.00112.6312/115/1VR487TN511Below formTN556VR662VR828VR909VR76 »
« TN1290VR91TN181VR276VR716TN808TN9034BRAND NEW CADILLAC Denis Schwarz 5g79A 59.5*0.06 5 6.00112.8025/140/1VR567VR659TN23TN118Below formVR200
VR251VR3758ICE LORD Raymond Danielson 4g77A 58.04 6 7.00112.989/277/20VR668TN32VR201
« VR778TN933TN225VR265VR285TN342VR3852AT HAND Warren Kennedy 4c82A 60.510 7 8.00113.153/171/20VR533Below formVR567VR601
« VR1119TN1174GE840VR1251TN238TN274TN33913FESTIVE LINNGARI Jeffery Syster 5g66A B53.0*4.01 8 10.00113.4933/128/1 
« TN808VR1071TN1240VR14TN50TN94VR1581SEVENTH OF JUNE (AUS) Thabiso Gumede 6g82A 61.0*4.03 9 10.50113.5825/125/1VR601VR713Below formVR837Below formVR873TN958TN6Below formTN21Below form
« TN677TN840TN1080TN1174TN1240VR235TN3423CHEVRON Luke Ferraris 4g80A 59.5*0.011 10 17.00114.7016/133/1VR40VR100TN157VR203Below form
« TN1101VR1161TN48GE75VR233TN303Below formVR36010DICKENS Randall Simons 4g75A B57.05 11 19.50115.1310/120/1VR42VR76
« VR1011TN80Below formTN107VR160VR182VR235TN365Below form14GENTLEMAN ONLY Craig Bantam 7g64A B52.02 12 20.00115.2233/140/1VR485VR534Below formVR567VR733VR792Below form
« TN103Below formTN130TN150VR182Below formVR233Below formTN274VR38515SO LONG SPRING Kabelo Matsunyane 5g58A 52.0*0.07 13 23.00115.7425/133/1VR533TN556VR713Below formVR792Below formVR201Below formVR236
« TN500VR638TN677TN841TN81TN275TN3425OVER SHARING Diego De Gouveia 4g79A B59.08 14 23.75115.8612/125/1ZE88ZE113Below formZE128ZE135ZE3ZE9ZE17


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