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(SV770) STANDARD BANK FM 80 HANDICAP (F and M) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-06-05 Time: 15:25
Type: FM 80 HCP Prize: R100000
Venue: Scottsville Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« GE120GE198GE318GE344SV433GE549SV6739ROCKING RUBY Donovan Dillon 4F73A B56.514 1 -1.1068.7640/166/1GE841SV15SV111GE183SV398GE406Below formSV510 »
« VR1071VR1135TN1227TN147GE166VR611VR7227ANCIENT SPIRIT (AUS) Keagan De Melo 4F77A 58.53 2 1.1068.9612/116/1GE841GE32GE72VR200VR332TN389VR466 »
« SV754GE901GE309GE398GE549GE640GE7002PETRA Anton Marcus 3F83A B60.51 3 1.9069.0911/24/1SV861GE32GE130GE274SV323GE406GE463 »
GE196SV267SV453SV530GE563GE645SV71910AFRICAN ANGEL Lyle Hewitson 3F74A B56.012 4 2.6569.2010/112/1GE837SV892
SV829GE883SV67GE122GE346SV434GE5756DIECI Sean Veale 3F79A 58.513 5 2.9069.2515/211/1SV15GE72Below formGE183GE216Below formGE406GE463SV510 »
« SV452SV482GE628SV700SV817SV898SV3711SIMPLY SCRUMPTIOUS Muzi Yeni 4F72A 56.02 6 3.1569.3015/114/1SV110GE183SV628SV9GE54SV107
« GE166GE207GE253GE436GE509GE577SV71915FRENCH LEGEND Ashton Arries 5M70A B55.0*0.04 7 3.2069.3115/133/1GE829GE874SV7GE55SV110GE183Below formGE235Below form »
GE351SV427GE589SV673SV71914EXTRAVARGANT Stuart Randolph 3F72A 55.011 8 4.9569.6015/125/1GE24GE73SV111GE275GE354GE525Below formSV628Below form »
« GE566SV690SV894SV72GE117GE147GE7031STATUTE Jeffery Syster 4F84A 62.0*4.016 9 5.4569.7025/110/1SV15SV63GE216GE282GE350SV412GE526 »
KW266KW354KW315KW3713SUNSHINE MINT (IRE) Gavin Lerena 4F81A 60.57 10 5.9569.8113/25/1SV15GE72SV111FW191FW256FW282FW348 »
KW319DE37416PROCRASTINATION Gareth Wright 3F71A 54.515 11 6.0569.849/271/10GE133GE183DE125
KW41DE67DE131KW162KW207KW35412CANTATA Jason Gates 3F73A 55.5*1.56 12 7.8070.1225/140/1GE802SV866
« GE318GE345GE414SV457GE549GE626SV7415JUST VOGUE Warren Kennedy 5M80A B60.05 13 8.3070.1912/116/1GE835GE72SV111GE168
« GE13GE63AGE127TN415SV457GE549GE6104ACCIDENTAL TOURIST Craig Zackey 5M80A 60.08 14 10.0570.4615/120/1GE841GE24GE55GE133GE228GE463GE537 »
« KW527FW487DE86DE133GE318GE398SV6738AHOY ME MATEY Jabu Jacobs 5M75A 57.5*4.09 15 10.5570.5640/150/1 
VR689VR761GE701TN1146GE881SV19GE12813RIPTIDE Luke Ferraris 3F73A 55.5*0.010 16 10.9570.6415/133/1GE795TN62ZE17


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