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(VR743) FOR HOSPITALITY BOOKINGS CALL 011 681 1796 MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden FandM. R15 000 Win bonus ROA Members)
Date: Wednesday, 17 April 2024
Time: 14:25 Prize: R95000
Type: Mdn Plate Class: G
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeSpeedOPSP Post-Races
TN561TN607TN636VR699Below form13HONORABLE MEMBER Chase Maujean 2f A 56.016 1 -0.2584.4160.2914/133/1 
VR699Below form11SNEAK PREVIEW Craig Zackey 3f A 60.08 2 0.2584.4560.327/110/1TN787VR859
VR467TN560VR617VR653VR69914MESSALINA Marco V'Rensburg 2f A H56.02 3 0.5084.4960.358/15/1TN784TN817TN880TN895
SV10GE196SV244GE307SV3911KYLIE'S ANGEL Calvin Habib 3f74A 60.01 4 0.5584.5060.365/23/1TN787TN865
VR150VR166VR217TN526TN644VR699Below form3BILINGUALL Philasande Mxoli 3f67A B60.05 5 1.0584.5960.4216/133/1TN890Below form
« TN269VR323TN368TN415TN474Below formTN553VR6162ICE CAP Diego De Gouveia 3f70A B60.04 6 2.3084.7960.5614/114/1TN835TN865TN902
VR466TN589TN635VR69715MOTHER CITY Muzi Yeni 2f A H56.07 7 2.3584.8060.5725/211/2TN774
VR82VR150TN189TN2808SPIRIT IN THE WIND Raymond Danielson 3f51 60.06 8 3.1084.9360.66100/1125/1TN817TN905
« TN333VR374TN415TN474TN538Below formTN637VR699Below form5LIKE A BUTTERFLY S'Manga Khumalo 3f63A H60.09 9 4.3585.1460.8125/210/1TN786Below formTN844TN865TN890
 18TWOSTEP QUEEN Jeffery Syster 2f A 56.03 10 5.1085.2660.9050/133/1TN774TN817TN903
TN277VR356TN397TN6279TIK TOK ADDICTION Malesela Katjedi 3f46A 60.0*0.015 11 7.1085.5961.14100/1125/1 
« VR372VR405Below formSV407VR570VR619TN689Below formTN7056SOMEDAY MAYBE Denis Schwarz 4f61A 60.013 12 7.8585.7261.2320/150/1VR802VR856Below form
« VR159VR218VR303TN457Below formVR495TN638VR6994VILLA SEMAYA Kabelo Matsunyane 3f67A 60.010 13 8.8585.8961.3514/117/2TN787Below formVR855TN905Below form
VR65417PARTY PUNCH Kaidan Brewer 2f A 56.014 14 9.3585.9761.4116/125/1TN783VR859TN903
VR55VR11910ENCHANTED ROYAL Nirvan Nastili 3f A 60.0*4.011 15 11.6086.3461.67100/1125/1TN880TN905
« GE23TN269TN333TN415TN457Below formTN553TN6277A TOUCH OF SUGAR Hennie Greyling 4f60A 60.012 16 15.8587.0562.1840/166/1TN838TN880
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