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(GE964) MERCURY SPRINT (Grade 1) (Horses at Weight-For-Age)
Date: Sunday, 30 July 2023
Time: 14:10 Prize: R1000000
Type: Grade 1 Class: A
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« GE858Below formGE944KW239KW271SV677TN793SV8559ISIVUNGUVUNGU Richard Fourie 4g130A 60.08 1 -0.3069.9958.335/211/2KW278
« KW139KW197KW239Below formKW271Below formGE732Below formSV812GE8897SURJAYL Luyolo Mxothwa 4g119A 60.06 2 0.3070.0458.3716/115/2KW206KW236AKW317Below form
« TN93TN223TN319TN644TN708SV812GE8896THUNDERSTRUCK S'Manga Khumalo 3c117A B59.55 3 0.6070.0858.4010/115/2TN177KW206KW278KW317KW370TN711
« GE866KW112KW197KW271KW316GE732SV8124GIMME A PRINCE Keagan De Melo 4g130A 60.03 4 1.6070.2558.5483/10072/100DE105
« TN251TN320Below formTN607TN623TN793GE732SV81211WILLIAM ROBERTSON Muzi Yeni 4g125A J60.010 5 1.8070.2758.5625/233/1TN109Below formTN177TN256SV259SV287SV436TN614
« SV776GE147KW251KW316SV713SV812Below formGE8891GLADATORIAN Sean Veale 3g114A 59.51 6 2.6070.4158.6825/116/1GE200TN315SV395GE539
« TN303VR373Below formVR484TN517TN617VR778VR9298CABINET SHUFFLE Kabelo Matsunyane 5g102A 60.07 7 3.0070.4758.7350/1100/1TN50Below formTN177TN300VR361Below formSV468GE539SV581
« TN644Below formTN705Below formTN749TN793TN895Below formTN945TN9783DANILO DANILOVITCH Philasande Mxoli 4g108A 60.02 8 3.3070.5258.7750/166/1TN50Below formTN178Below formTN256Below formTN315VR358TN402Below formTN487Below form »
« DE107KW235KW293Below formKW361Below formGE696Below formGE732Below formSV81213SEEKING THE STARS Bernard Fayd'Herbe 5h123A B60.012 9 3.6070.5858.8240/150/1SV80GE124Below form
« VR180Below formTN249TN532TN607Below formGE597VR929TN9785VAL D'ORCIA Craig Zackey 4g103A 60.04 10 6.7071.0959.2433/1100/1TN94Below formTN300VR310VR361Below form
« DE81KW131KW181KW316GE705GE732GE889Below form12SILVER OPERATOR Grant Van Niekerk 6g114A B60.011 11 7.5071.2159.3433/150/1DE171KW242AKW315Below form
« GE858Below formGE305Below formGE419AGE597GE705Below formSV812GE889Below form10PEARL OF ASIA Serino Moodley 6g109A B60.09 12 9.7071.5759.6466/1100/1 
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