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(VR437) RAJEN SEWNARAIN MEMORIAL MAIDEN PLATE (For all Maidens. R15 000 Win bonus RA Members)
Date: 2021-12-11 Time: 12:25
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R90000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1700m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
TN624TN720TN843VR305TN3901CLARKSONL Gavin Lerena 4g68A 60.04 1 -0.80103.7120/115/3VR537TN700VR756TN797Below formVR845VR967Below formTN1068 »
VR1028VR1069VR137TN222VR262VR336Below formTN4113WITH PLEASURE Ryan Munger 3g73A 59.01 2 0.80103.8450/950/7TN546TN631TN727Below formTN790GE740GE801SV907
GE611SV782SV8772TABEBUIA Julius Mariba 3g79A 59.014 3 2.75104.175/150/7TN654TN727TN790GE717
VR9VR213VR279VR333Below formVR3706DUKE OF RAIN Craig Zackey 3g69A 59.03 4 3.25104.2525/350/7VR497VR524VR606VR666VR756VR919VR952 »
VR1028VR1168VR119VR1558MONSIEUR CHEVELLE Calvin Habib 3g66A 59.07 5 5.25104.59100/725/2VR514VR562TN654Below formTN743GE799GE844
« VR21VR92VR180VR213VR238VR287VR33610TYGER FLY Jarryd Penny 3g64A 59.08 6 5.75104.6740/1100/1 
TN1051VR1160TN42TN168VR3734ALABASTER Ashton Arries 3c70A 59.011 7 9.00105.21100/725/1TN503TN579TN695TN784TN921VR1036TN9
VR287VR33313ABSOLUTE VALUE Denis Schwarz 3c A 59.013 8 9.50105.2920/120/1VR514VR566TN632TN895TN942TN1068VR1118
VR824TN953VR373TN4115FLAG BEARER Chase Maujean 3g70A 59.010 9 10.50105.4625/320/1VR474Below formVR514VR825VR854TN900TN922VR966 »
TN246VR37416MADDY BLUE Kabelo Matsunyane 3g A 59.05 10 11.00105.54100/340/1VR564
VR1067VR1100VR1126VR1168TN1193TN348VR370Below form7MIKE THE PILOT Warren Kennedy 3c68A 59.02 11 11.50105.6325/225/2VR560VR823TN903VR919VR968FW507FW513 »
VR202VR228VR279VR333Below form9GREAT MELODY Sherman Brown 3c64A B59.016 12 13.50105.9625/140/1VR473VR524Below formVR564VR638VR714VR755TN795 »
GE800TN12714ADMIRALS MOON Marco V'Rensburg 3g A 59.015 13 13.75106.00100/1125/1VR474VR524VR562TN654VR689
TN246VR33615HAROLD THE DUKE Muzi Yeni 3c A B59.09 14 15.00106.21100/340/1VR567TN654Below formTN743TN793TN900Below formVR1032VR1123
TN979VR155VR21311THE GREAT ROMANTIC Francois Herholdt 3g48A 59.012 15 26.00108.04100/1125/1VR473VR524VR564TN655VR714TN793VR825Below form »
TN126TN294VR331TN40812EQUERRY Kaidan Brewer 3g46A B59.0*4.06 16 29.00108.5475/1125/1VR520VR717TN758TN784VR823


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