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(TN775) JACARANDA HANDICAP (Listed) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2021-03-20 Time: 15:23
Type: HCP (L) Prize: R100000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Standside
Distance: 1800m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR807TN863TN479TN675VR7007SEEHAAM Lyle Hewitson 4f90A 52.52 1 -5.00109.2218/108/10TN862TN914Below formVR234
TN354VR485TN645TN724Below form9SPARKLING WATERL Craig Zackey 3f97A 52.05 2 5.00110.089/25/1TN819TN914TN220
« TN66VR253TN290VR377TN479VR593VR65611FORT ANNE Ryan Munger 4f81A 52.01 3 5.25110.1314/125/1TN844
« TN891TN974TN158TN283TN386VR622Below formTN673Below form2SARAGON Gavin Lerena 6m106A 60.53 4 6.75110.3816/125/1TN844TN914
« VR14TN65VR202TN283KW261KW303TN6444HEART STWINGS Warren Kennedy 4f102A 58.54 5 8.75110.739/116/1TN794SV691VR1032TN1112Below formGE953TN109Below formTN197
« TN823Below formTN895Below formGE70Below formTN226Below formTN285Below formTN387Below formVR7056SUNSHINE SILK Nathan Klink 6m101A 58.0*0.08 6 12.00111.2916/130/1TN821Below formTN844TN957TN1021Below formTN1110GE950
« KW318KW332KW454KW481DE14VR376VR41610DYNASTIC LIGHT Marco V'Rensburg 4f86A 52.010 7 12.25111.3322/130/1VR880TN1001Below formVR1173TN5Below form
« TN209Below formTN283Below formTN386VR468Below formVR542TN644VR7055SHIVERS Chase Maujean 4f101A 58.09 8 15.00111.8112/118/1TN844Below formTN131Below formTN197
« TN304TN410VR509TN515TN576VR656TN7248MAGICAL FLIGHT Muzi Yeni 3f98A 52.07 9 15.25111.8511/214/1TN819Below formSV691GE854SV15TN197
« TN974Below formGE73TN428Below formTN475TN503TN673VR7051JET START Anton Marcus 6m108A 61.56 10 18.00112.326/117/2TN914TN1025


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