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(TN751) SENOR SANTA STAKES (Grade 2) (Open)
Date: 2021-03-13 Time: 16:00
Type: Grade 2 Prize: R250000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Standside
Distance: 1160m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR960TN2TN89VR481VR557VR595TN64914VARS VICKY Muzi Yeni 3g106A 52.010 1 -0.1065.284/133/10SV657VR966SV815Below form
« TN776VR875TN919TN48TN116TN383TN6315BOHICA S'Manga Khumalo 4g112A 58.08 2 0.1065.3010/113/2TN915SV815Below formTN1113
« VR705VR902GE713TN284TN382GE411VR62211GALLIC PRINCESS Luke Ferraris 4f114A B55.53 3 3.0065.7622/116/1TN840TN913Below formSV814
« SV601SV657Below formGE71Below formTN211TN309TN383VR5622EDEN ROCL Lyle Hewitson 4c119A 60.09 4 3.5065.849/26/1TN816GE724SV815
« SV656GE705Below formTN284Below formTN333TN383TN478Below formTN631Below form7SINGFORAFA Piere Strydom 4f119A 57.57 5 4.0065.9312/113/1SV655Below formTN913Below formSV745Below formSV814GE873
« TN349TN514TN635TN722Below formSV657GE72TN1583IKIGAI Chase Maujean 4c118A 60.012 6 4.2565.9722/128/1TN818Below formTN910Below formSV815Below formGE873
« VR16VR59TN116TN182TN284Below formTN631TN67213OLD MAN TYME Craig Zackey 5g102A B54.04 7 5.0066.0925/112/1TN861Below formVR966
« TN390TN749TN309TN383Below formVR562Below formTN633TN672Below form9MARDI GRAS Raymond Danielson 6g111A B56.05 8 5.0566.0925/128/1TN861VR966TN1113
« SV657GE705GE71Below formTN210TN309TN494TN6721CHIMICHURI RUN Calvin Habib 5h126A B62.01 9 5.8066.227/16/1TN816Below formTN915Below formSV815Below formGE823
TN816TN890TN210TN384Below formTN630Below form4MOUNT PLEASANT (AUS) Callan Murray 3c120A B58.011 10 6.0066.2513/28/1VR780Below form
« TN174TN389TN541KW331TN894VR562VR64112SARAH Warren Kennedy 4f114A 55.56 11 6.5066.3310/18/1TN840TN913SV814Below formTN1113
« TN585TN769TN894VR965TN49TN209Below formVR641Below form10GOLDEN BELLE Denis Schwarz 4f115A 55.52 12 99999.9922/136/1 


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