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(TN382) WORLD SPORTS BETTING MAGNOLIA HANDICAP (Grade 3) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2020-11-28 Time: 13:50
Type: Grade 3 Prize: R100000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Standside
Distance: 1160m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR835SV654GE687VR199VR30014WINTER SMOKE Calvin Habib 3f102A 52.08 1 -0.7568.0631/410/1VR481TN631TN776TN889SV742SV814Below formGE850Below form
« VR568VR598TN630VR705VR902GE713TN2842GALLIC PRINCESS Gavin Lerena 4f110A B60.53 2 0.7568.185/187/20GE411VR622TN751TN840TN913Below formSV814GE951
« TN920TN956TN49Below formTN115Below formTN140TN309VR36911DOUBLE 'O' EIGHT S'Manga Khumalo 6m96A B53.514 3 1.2568.2628/120/1TN449TN529TN578Below formVR641Below formTN672TN776Below formTN822 »
« GE537SV600SV656GE689GE139GE179Below formGE2408LINEARL Serino Moodley 5m100A 55.54 4 2.7568.5036/140/1SV460VR699SV655SV745GE850
« TN168TN255TN346TN513TN68TN209TN3081MOUNT LAUREL Craig Zackey 4f111A 61.06 5 3.2568.5811/113/1GE410SV689GE727GE822Below formGE872Below formGE953Below form
« TN634TN721Below formTN891Below formGE712TN141TN209Below formTN305Below form3MILL QUEEN Raymond Danielson 4f110A 60.512 6 4.2568.7516/117/1VR640TN726VR810Below formTN863
« VR811TN894Below formTN7Below formTN49TN115Below formTN209TN333Below form6POOL PARTY Luke Ferraris 7m105A 58.0*0.07 7 4.5068.7936/136/1TN529VR641Below formVR699TN768TN840TN913Below formTN983 »
« TN717VR806SV654GE710GE66TN208TN279Below form13ECSTATIC GREEN Lyle Hewitson 3f103A 52.015 8 6.2569.0771/2043/20TN528TN743TN801Below formTN868SV814TN1088
« TN694VR704KY179VR811VR839Below formTN105TN3339ALL OF ME Denis Schwarz 5m98A 54.511 9 6.7569.1536/136/1VR535Below formTN578Below formVR596Below formVR621VR699Below formVR733TN776Below form »
VR587Below formVR639TN717TN889GE66Below formTN33312SPRINGS OF CARMEL Warren Kennedy 3f105A 53.010 10 7.0069.196/110/1TN529VR756Below formFW558
« TN516TN637Below formTN750Below formTN894GE712TN115TN2095DANCING QUEEN Piere Strydom 5m106A 58.51 11 8.7569.4722/120/1TN913Below formVR966SV814Below formTN1063TN1115Below formVR1165Below form
« TN637TN750Below formVR811Below formVR839Below formTN894SV656GE713Below form16TRUE CHARM Chase Maujean 4f92A 52.09 12 12.0070.0050/166/1VR420VR484SV655TN942FW478TN1115GE945
« TN369TN391KW241TN210VR273Below formTN305TN3314COCKNEY PRIDE Callan Murray 4f107A 59.02 13 13.0070.1620/122/1VR417Below formTN525TN768TN791VR992TN1063
KW375SV584GE633SV727GE66GE27515KEEP THE LIGHTS ON Richard Fourie 3f99A 52.05 14 13.2570.20113/208/1SV656SV745GE822GE945GE118
« TN750VR811Below formVR902TN49Below formVR168Below formTN208VR237Below form10CHE BELLA Muzi Yeni 5m96A B53.513 15 15.5070.5628/125/1VR420VR535VR596Below formVR641VR699TN776TN840


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