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(VR402) RACING ASSOCIATION FM 84 HANDICAP (F and M) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-12-03 Time: 15:20
Type: FM 84 HCP Prize: R90000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
TN135Below formTN2458CHRISTMAS FLOWERS'Manga Khumalo3f85A 54.58 1 -1.0094.624/14/1TN554TN634
« TN60TN113VR156VR185TN244TN278Below formTN32214KAPAMANathan Klink4f69A 52.5*0.013 2 1.0094.795/110/1TN454VR550VR569VR616VR670Below formTN787VR803 »
« TN1038VR1058TN1156VR1205VR70TN106VR185Below form1DESTINYS GAMEThabiso Gumede4f86A 61.0*4.03 3 4.2595.335/18/1VR507SV412VR669VR702
« VR13TN52Below formTN78TN148VR185Below formTN215TN3007SAMMI MOOSAGavin Lerena6m75A 55.55 4 4.3595.355/14/1TN442TN455VR507Below formVR551TN580VR617Below formVR670 »
« VR15TN36VR70TN106TN148TN321VR3605TOMBOLAChase Maujean4f77A 56.56 5 5.5095.5425/128/1TN583TN611VR670VR714Below formVR793VR911
« VR1112VR1204VR1250VR7Below formTN165Below formVR267Below formVR3596SAMARRAPiere Strydom7m76A B56.014 6 6.7595.7512/120/1TN454Below formVR487KY133VR569Below formTN611FW314FW344 »
« KW506KW566DE597KW5VR202TN261TN3009INDIAN SONGAshton Arries5m73A B54.5*0.011 7 8.0095.9533/1100/1VR569VR657VR734
VR1141TN1225VR84TN134TN337VR35513TARTAN DANCERLuke Ferraris3f81A B52.5*0.07 8 9.7596.2512/116/1VR438VR523Below formVR550TN650VR703TN748VR802Below form »
« VR291VR508VR579TN650GE508TN908TN27810FIRE SIDEMark Khan4f72A 54.010 9 10.7596.4150/1100/1VR508
« VR1248KY7TN62TN132TN223KY103VR3594LILY STARLETTESherman Brown5m77A 56.512 10 11.2596.5020/125/1VR525Below formKY148
TN135TN187VR3102SECRET DREAMMarco V'Rensburg3f95A 59.54 11 12.0096.624/14/1VR525TN554Below formVR618TN719Below formTN777Below formVR902
VR205VR35912LAND OF RUBIESCole Dicken3f83A 53.5*2.51 12 12.5096.7012/125/1VR505VR734
« KY265TN1155VR1204TN1242VR44Below formTN320VR359Below form11MAZARIRyan Munger4f72A 54.09 13 12.7596.7514/112/1VR508VR800Below formTN868VR909
« VR1206VR1250TN36TN49TN133Below formVR184Below formTN24415MOVIE AWARDMpumelelo Mjoka7m53A 52.02 14 14.7597.0833/1100/1VR669


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