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(KW267) SOUTHEASTER SPRINT (Listed) (Open)
Date: 2019-12-28 Time: 16:25
Type: (Listed)(Open) Prize: R150000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1100m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« DE407KW505KW550DE87DE110Below formKW201Below formKW2259ELUSIVE TRADER M J Byleveld 4g100A 54.04 1 -2.0065.1714/120/1KW334Below formKW362KW411Below formKW466KW31Below formDE88Below formKW146 »
KW163KW308DE39DE71Below formKW1758MUSHI STEREK (AUS) Greg Cheyne 4f101A 54.58 2 2.0065.4910/122/1KW361
« KW417KW468KW532KW567KW23KW152KW2012RUSSET AIR Aldo Domeyer 4g112A 60.07 3 2.5065.573/118/10KW334KW362KW411TN892GE71Below formKW146Below formKW243Below form »
« KW189KW271KW332KW614DE95Below formKW174Below formKW2011PLEASEDTOMEETYOU Bernard Fayd'Herbe 4g112A 60.03 4 2.5565.583/19/2KW334Below formKW362SV601SV658Below formKW230FW379KW475 »
« KW370DE451KW567DE600DE87Below formKW152KW201Below form10WHAT A WINNER Robert Khathi 5g100A 54.012 5 3.3065.7020/114/1KW297KW411Below formKW456KW482DE508Below formKW39KW163Below form »
« KW419KW467KW493KW7Below formDE109KW169KW21713DURTY NELLY Sandile Mbhele 4f92A 52.0*1.511 6 4.0565.8220/140/1KW289DE385KW421KW7Below formKW29DE97Below formKW158Below form »
« KW465KW505KW23DE70DE95DE126KW2015READY STEADY GO Grant Behr 5g106A 57.010 7 6.3066.1910/122/1KW362KW411Below formKW466Below formDE506DE80DE107KW206 »
« KW270KW345FW364DE436KW468KW550KW2257FABIAN Keagan De Melo 4g103A B55.55 8 6.3566.1910/19/1KW327KW362KW411SV657GE71KW146KW206 »
« KW300KW370DE407KW476DE87Below formDE110Below formKW201Below form3BWANA Corne Orffer 5g107A 57.51 9 6.6566.2410/114/1KW327Below formKW376Below formGE578GE621SV658GE705GE65Below form »
« DE410KW494KW8DE38DE110Below formKW169KW23411GREEN JACKET Richard Fourie 4g98A 53.06 10 7.1566.3214/116/1KW327Below formKW376Below formKW456KW466Below formKW482KW31KW223 »
« VR527VR617TN825TN934VR1019VR1135KW1526BILLY SILVER Anton Marcus 5g103A 55.52 11 9.6566.738/117/2KW327KW411KW466Below formKW31DE88KW146KW223Below form
« KW533KW558KW592KW55DE74DE132KW20112FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT Callan Murray 4g95A 52.09 12 12.6567.2114/140/1KW302KW467GE24GE98Below formGE187GE280GE369Below form »


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