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(VR385) NEXT VAAL RACEMEETING TUESDAY 3 DECEMBER MIDDLE STAKES (For horses with nett rating of 92 and below)
Date: 2019-11-28 Time: 17:15
Type: ? Stakes Prize: R100000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR736VR782TN853TN223TN2738FIFECole Dicken4f76A 50.5*2.53 1 -0.05121.4715/213/2TN636VR685VR757TN922
VR714VR778TN933TN225VR265VR285TN3422AT HANDWarren Kennedy4c82A 56.08 2 0.05121.482/17/4TN443VR533Below formVR567VR601
« TN80TN103Below formTN130TN150VR182Below formVR233Below formTN27412SO LONG SPRINGKabelo Matsunyane5g58A 50.0*0.05 3 2.75121.9440/175/1TN443VR533TN556VR713Below formVR792Below form
« VR1204VR1263TN53VR82TN132Below formTN296TN3215EMILY JAYRyan Munger6m86A B54.52 4 3.00121.9910/114/1TN442
VR83TN804VR868TN973VR1273VR234Below formTN342Below form15PALACE GREENGavin Lerena4g80A 56.04 5 3.75122.1212/113/2TN445VR533TN586Below formVR685Below formVR757TN847Below formVR909
« TN1005VR1071VR1207VR1275VR82Below formVR211Below formVR2841ZEAL AND ZESTDenis Schwarz6g88A 60.0*0.012 6 3.80122.1315/2157/20VR484VR601TN697TN767Below formVR910
« VR1161TN1191VR1229VR85VR182VR284Below formVR360Below form11MOUNT RAINIERMpumelelo Mjoka4g66A B50.010 7 9.75123.1533/150/1VR403Below formVR484VR533TN556VR626VR659Below formVR757
« SV746SV858GE882VR26VR87VR160Below formVR23310DON PIERRO (AUS)Nathan Klink5g67A P50.0*0.011 8 11.00123.3740/155/1VR534Below form
« VR856VR924VR1043VR1183TN1283TN151VR2343KNIGHT OWLMarco V'Rensburg4g82A 56.07 9 13.00123.7111/225/4VR533TN586Below formFW365FW387Below form
« VR1208TN1257VR8TN61TN114Below formTN147TN17714GONNAFLYNeo Qaule5g52A B50.01 10 13.25123.7540/175/1VR712
« TN902TN945TN1077VR1111VR1183VR1247VR913THE LITIGATORJeffery Syster4g57A 50.0*4.06 11 21.00125.0950/175/1TN445TN474VR534TN586
« SV425GE498SV528SV890SV64VR235VR2849I FLYTejash Juglall4g68A 50.0*2.59 12 27.00126.1350/155/1VR403KY140KY158


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