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(GE276) Hollywoodbets BRIGHT FUTURE MR 68 HANDICAP (Open)
Date: 2019-11-29 Time: 21:15
Type: MR 68 HCP Prize: R90000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Polytrack
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« SV859GE872SV9Below formGE121GE180Below formGE244Below formGE2591MOKOKOThabiso Gumede4g70A 61.0*4.06 1 -0.6082.593/15/1GE334GE347GE405GE438GE489Below formSV630
« GE442GE462GE641SV711GE724GE180GE244Below form4FLY BY SKYEStuart Randolph5g67A B59.52 2 0.6082.7016/125/1SV339Below formGE380SV414GE518Below formGE562Below form
« GE695SV787GE839SV92GE131GE180Below formGE244Below form9AT THE OPERADonovan Dillon4g65A 58.51 3 1.3582.8129/48/1GE334GE380GE437KY193KY202FW419
« GE623GE691SV787GE33GE80GE145GE207Below form5SILVER CENTSean Veale7g67a C59.57 4 3.6083.1640/155/1GE331Below formGE389Below formGE437GE454
« SV456SV710SV786SV859SV8Below formGE54GE22512LUPOYuzae Ramzan6g62A 57.0*4.03 5 3.6583.1714/19/1GE331GE348GE389
« GE416SV429GE465GE512SV528GE569GE69310EMPEROR NIARCHOSGareth Wright9g65A 58.512 6 3.7583.1930/133/1SV339GE389GE439SV498
« GE332GE470GE607GE691SV711GE873GE478LAUREN OF ROCHELLEAthandiwe Mgudlwa6g66A 59.010 7 3.8583.2125/133/1GE331GE380GE454
GE43AGE548GE637GE73GE163GE2047JERRY THE JUGGLERTristan Godden4g66A 59.011 8 5.3583.4212/125/1GE389GE437
GE112GE34GE124GE2133GREATTOBECAPTAINSerino Moodley3c80A 60.05 9 6.4583.606/113/1SV592GE615
« SV59GE637GE748SV856GE57GE125GE1646JALAPENOWarren Kennedy3g78A B59.09 10 8.3583.928/111/1SV339GE391GE567
GE41AGE377SV426GE776GE163GE195GE2442AGENT MURPHYAnton Marcus3g81A 60.54 11 8.8583.9937/2029/20SV318GE334GE380Below formSV414Below formGE438Below formGE489
« SV789SV823SV13SV65SV85Below formGE146GE24711LINNGER LONGERKhanya Sakayi5m62A 57.0*1.58 12 9.0084.0212/118/1SV340Below formSV445Below form


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