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(GE899) PREMIERS CHAMPION STAKES (Grade 1) (For 2 year-olds)
Date: 2019-07-27 Time: 15:15
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R750000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR667VR776VR919TN997SV743TN12185GOT THE GREENLIGHT Anton Marcus 2C A 60.013 1 -3.0097.9613/110/1TN514Below formKW332TN722TN822GE638GE711TN726 »
GE747SV8167LIBERTY HALL Keagan De Melo 2C A 60.05 2 3.0098.4231/414/1KW169KW234GE581GE638GE714Below formGE64ABelow formDE105 »
KW364DE385VR919TN997GE84612ROCK THE GLOBE Ashton Arries 2C A 60.0*0.08 3 3.7598.5350/166/1TN193VR370KW238Below formKW259VR686TN722TN776 »
GE588GE681GE776GE8506KAYDENS PRIDE Muzi Yeni 2C A 60.04 4 4.7598.709/16/1MN22MN78MN123MN193MN233MN275MN298 »
TN943VR1089TN121810PROMISEOFAMASTER Raymond Danielson 2C A 60.011 5 4.8098.7122/128/1TN193TN305TN391Below formVR801TN1088
SV671GE7484FOOLS GOLD Gareth Wright 2G A 60.06 6 6.0098.9266/150/1GE159GE219MN26MN66MN126MN216MN246 »
VR978SV743GE8462EDEN ROC Lyle Hewitson 2C A 60.01 7 6.1098.949/1011/10TN240Below formTN295Below formTN391Below formKW259VR548TN635Below formVR801Below form »
KW221VR893TN997TN1123GE84611PUTONTHEREDLIGHT Gavin Lerena 2C A 60.012 8 6.1598.9527/417/2TN218TN295KW259KW331Below formTN937TN142TN211 »
SV712SV743GE77613SPECIAL BLEND Stuart Randolph 2C A 60.09 9 7.6599.2580/166/1GE155GE219SV298GE359SV420GE504GE550Below form »
SV499GE698SV743GE85014WAVE Warren Kennedy 2G A 60.014 10 7.7099.269/118/1GE191SV397GE430SV468MN256MN277MN307
SV524GE588SV706GE776GE8333ENJOY THE VIEW Richard Fourie 2C A 60.010 11 8.2099.3580/150/1GE187Below formTN293SV397SV469Below formGE545GE713SV27 »
VR985VR1014SV743VR1131SV808GE8468LOOSEN YOUR TIE Corne Orffer 2G A 60.02 12 9.9599.6322/150/1MN59MN142MN181MN223MN302MN52MN119
GE588GE698SV743GE8469MASTER OF ILLUSION Bernard Fayd'Herbe 2G A B60.07 13 11.3599.8544/136/1GE203SV300SV373SV411SV468GE545Below formSV27 »
KW301KW329KW495KW5731DOUBLE ALLIANCE Nooresh Juglall 2G A 60.03 14 24.35101.9536/118/1KW225KW266KW302KW339KW457DE509KW41 »


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