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(GE699) THE INDEPENDENT ON SATURDAY DRILL HALL STAKES (Grade 2) (Horses at Weight-For-Age + Penalties)
Date: 2019-05-03 Time: 19:45
Type: Grade 2 Prize: R500000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« GE705GE791GE907KW149KW244KW297KW3352UNDERCOVER AGENT Corne Orffer 4C120A 60.02 1 -0.1583.3917/1015/10SV745GE779DE95KW240KW300KW336Below formMN27 »
« KW529KW569DE120KW175KW244KW297KW3351RAINBOW BRIDGE Anton Marcus 4G124A 60.09 2 0.1583.4115/44/1GE779GE847GE902KW240KW300KW336GE636 »
« GE904KW152KW209KW253KW330TN825TN8769CIRILLO Lyle Hewitson 3C114A 55.03 3 0.3583.4517/487/20GE779TN1223GE902VR358VR482TN581Below formTN720 »
« KW331GE638GE706GE772KW184KW296KW33410LADY IN BLACK Sean Veale 4F117A 54.51 4 2.1083.717/125/4GE779GE847GE903
« TN1122GE906TN355TN544TN708TN767TN8763WILL PAYS Craig Zackey 7G112A 60.06 5 2.2583.7320/150/1TN1053GE901TN97Below formTN218Below formVR333
« TN129TN262TN354TN544TN653TN767TN8764ZOUAVES Marco V'Rensburg 5G109A 58.58 6 2.4083.759/118/1TN1129TN97TN218Below formTN294Below formVR358Below formVR482Below formTN581Below form »
« TN1288TN206TN305KW297KW325TN708TN7678INFAMOUS FOX (AUS) M J Byleveld 4G103A 57.05 7 2.7083.7933/166/1TN1051TN1128GE848GE902TN141TN218TN294 »
« SV533GE637GE707GE809GE906GE448GE6325SNIPER SHOT Keagan De Melo 4G106A 58.54 8 4.7084.0916/118/1SV745GE797GE848GE904SV95GE154GE579Below form »
« KW349KW374GE637KW189KW280KW332KW3627SAND AND SEA Stuart Randolph 4G105A 57.07 9 5.4584.2012/128/1GE797SV86GE154
« GE853GE907GE152TN305GE280GE364GE5946MATADOR MAN Eric Saziso Ngwane 5G111A B57.010 10 7.0584.4529/418/1GE728GE779GE838GE902VR549TN651TN720 »


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