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Venue: Mauritius
Date: Sunday, 02 August 2020
[Collapse] Alvinio Roy
 1 EIGHT CITIES 3 11:251850mG Div Cls74-3.0Vincent Allet
 5 KU DU TU 4 12:001365mG Div Cls72-3.0Vincent Allet
 3 CHARLESTON HERO 5 12:351650mF Div Cls65-3.0Vincent Allet
[Collapse] Cedric Segeon
 2 SIR CAPERS 1 10:151600mG Div Cls710 Patrick Mervens
 7 JULLIDAR 3 11:251850mG Div Cls72 Patrick Mervens
 3 SIR BERNADINI (AUS) 6 13:101600mF Div Cls61 Patrick Mervens
 2 MADE TO CONQUER 7 13:501850mC Div Cls34 R Gujadhur
 1 BLACK INDY 8 14:251850mG Div Cls77 Patrick Mervens
[Collapse] Derreck David
 7 PHOENIX RISING 1 10:151600mG Div Cls74 Ram Gujadhur
 4 DESERT THIEF 2 10:501850mG Div Cls72 Ram Gujadhur
 2 POWER TOWER (AUS) 3 11:251850mG Div Cls77 Ram Gujadhur
 2 THE GREY CRUSADER 5 12:351650mF Div Cls61 Ram Gujadhur
 2 PROTEA PARADISE 6 13:101600mF Div Cls67 Ram Gujadhur
 3 ALSHIBAA (AUS) 7 13:501850mC Div Cls36 Ricky Maingard
 6 WEST COAST WARRIOR 8 14:251850mG Div Cls79 Ram Gujadhur
 4 NEWSMAN 9 15:001400mG Div Cls72 Ram Gujadhur
[Collapse] Dhoorgesh Bheekary
 4 DAREDEVIL AVIATOR 1 10:151600mG Div Cls76 Jean Michel Henry
 5 MANETHEREN 3 11:251850mG Div Cls73 Shirish Narang
 8 DARK FORCE 4 12:001365mG Div Cls78 Ricky Maingard
 7 BARAK LAVAN 8 14:251850mG Div Cls76 Shirish Narang
[Collapse] Dinesh Sooful
 6 KALI'S CHAMP 1 10:151600mG Div Cls72 C Ramdin
 6 BIOMETRIC 2 10:501850mG Div Cls71 Nagadoo
 6 WORDBUSTER 5 12:351650mF Div Cls62 Vincent Allet
 6 TEN GUN SALUTE (AUS) 7 13:501850mC Div Cls33 Nagadoo
 5 SIBERIAN HUSKY 8 14:251850mG Div Cls73 C Ramdin
[Collapse] J Allyhossain
 1 REDWOOD VALLEY 1 10:151600mG Div Cls71 Ricky Maingard
 3 ALL ABOARD 3 11:251850mG Div Cls75 Shyam Hurchund
 7 ZODIAC JACK 4 12:001365mG Div Cls77 Jean Michel Henry
 5 MOONRISE SENSATION 6 13:101600mF Div Cls65 Shyam Hurchund
 1 OPERA ROYAL 7 13:501850mC Div Cls32 Shyam Hurchund
 9 MOSCHINO 8 14:251850mG Div Cls74 Vincent Allet
 5 THE RIDDLER 9 15:001400mG Div Cls76 Shyam Hurchund
[Collapse] Kevin Kalychurun
 7 SPUN OUT (AUS) 2 10:501850mG Div Cls74 Shyam Hurchund
[Collapse] Nishal Teeha
 7 ICEBREAKER 9 15:001400mG Div Cls71 Ricky Maingard
[Collapse] Nooresh Juglall
 4 WATCH ME DAD 4 12:001365mG Div Cls75 Gilbert Rousset
 1 DRIVEN FORCE 5 12:351650mF Div Cls63 Gilbert Rousset
 1 IDITAROD TRAIL 6 13:101600mF Div Cls64 Gilbert Rousset
 2 CYBER SPECIAL 8 14:251850mG Div Cls75 Gilbert Rousset
[Collapse] Roland Boutanive
 3 BYPASS 2 10:501850mG Div Cls77 Nagadoo
[Collapse] Rye Joorawon
 9 DOYLES (AUS) 1 10:151600mG Div Cls79 R Gujadhur
 2 NETFLIX 2 10:501850mG Div Cls73 Vincent Allet
 4 DEER PARK 3 11:251850mG Div Cls76 R Gujadhur
 6 ROMAN DANCER 4 12:001365mG Div Cls74 R Gujadhur
 5 WHY WOULDN'T YEW 5 12:351650mF Div Cls66 Ricky Maingard
 7 YANKEEDOODLEDANDY 6 13:101600mF Div Cls63 R Gujadhur
 4 PERPLEXING 7 13:501850mC Div Cls31 R Gujadhur
 8 CONFESSIONAL 8 14:251850mG Div Cls72 R Gujadhur
 6 KING OF TARA 9 15:001400mG Div Cls75 Vincent Allet
[Collapse] Sunil Bussunt
 3 SLIGHTLY SCOTTISH 1 10:151600mG Div Cls78 Amar Sewdyal
 6 GLITTERROCK 3 11:251850mG Div Cls71 Amar Sewdyal
 1 GREAT STOHVANEN 4 12:001365mG Div Cls73 Amar Sewdyal
 6 CRAZY VISION 6 13:101600mF Div Cls66 Amar Sewdyal
 4 OVERDOSE (AUS) 8 14:251850mG Div Cls71 Amar Sewdyal
 1 AMANDLA 9 15:001400mG Div Cls73 Jean Michel Henry
[Collapse] Swapneel Rama
 8 VALERIN 1 10:151600mG Div Cls73 C Daby
 1 MIDNIGHT ORACLE 2 10:501850mG Div Cls76 C Daby
 4 CONSUL OF WAR (AUS) 5 12:351650mF Div Cls64 C Daby
 4 SPRING MAN 6 13:101600mF Div Cls62 Ricky Maingard
 3 ONE DIRECTION 8 14:251850mG Div Cls78 Jean Michel Henry
 2 EMAAR (AUS) 9 15:001400mG Div Cls74 C Daby
[Collapse] Vijay Anand Bundhoo
 10 BLUNDERBUSS 1 10:151600mG Div Cls77 C Ramdin
 2 KEIKO 4 12:001365mG Div Cls71 Simon Jones
[Collapse] Yashin Emamdee
 5 COME ON SONNY 1 10:151600mG Div Cls75 Nagadoo
 5 BEAR HUG 2 10:501850mG Div Cls75 Jean Michel Henry
 3 ARCTIC FLYER 4 12:001365mG Div Cls76 Nagadoo
 5 MORNING CATCH 7 13:501850mC Div Cls35 Nagadoo
 3 JET STORM 9 15:001400mG Div Cls77 Nagadoo
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