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Age: 3 (at last run)
Sex: f
M/Rating: 77 (at last run)
Owner: Messrs M F Bass, J N Farrell, M I Fullard, J H Drew, R Kieswetter, B Lemos & Wehann Smith, Mesdames C L Bass-Robinson, L Drew & T Farrell
Breeder: Ridgemont Highlands
Trainer: Candice Bass-Robinson
Breeding: Canford Cliffs (IRE) - Valdivia by Var (USA)
Colours: Brown, yellow spots, red sleeves, yellow cap
Last run: 2024-04-02
Next race: Not carded
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2023-01-21Kenilworth 1000 60.0A 1248.25THE CHARLESTONGareth Wright59.3314/17/1GoodMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR135000
2023-02-07Kenilworth 1200 60.0A 156.80SIDDELEYAldo Domeyer73.9015/28/1GoodMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR120000
2023-03-28Durbanville 1000 60.0A 632.50UNCONQUERABLE LADYAldo Domeyer59.2411/213/2GoodMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR125000
2023-04-26Kenilworth 1000 60.0A 421.25MUSICAL ARTSAldo Domeyer59.769/26/1V/SoftMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR125000
2023-05-28Kenilworth 1000 60.0A 821.25HIGHLYCONFIDENTIALSean Veale61.4128/109/4V/SoftMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR125000
2023-06-22Kenilworth 1200 60.0A 332.55LADY LOOK ALIKEAldo Domeyer80.472/133/20YieldingMdn Juv PlateTurfMainR125000
2023-08-19Durbanville 12508460.0A 773.10RED MOON RISINGAldo Domeyer76.8628/1017/10GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR100000
2023-09-05Durbanville 10008260.0A 332.05LA DIVINAAldo Domeyer61.1815/1015/10V/SoftOpen MdnTurfMainR85000
2023-09-19Durbanville 10008258.0A 620.30AMETHYSTICAldo Domeyer60.535/418/10S/SoftMdn PlateTurfMainR110000
2023-10-16Durbanville 10008259.0A B444.00GYPSY EXPRESSAldo Domeyer58.5083/10063/100GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR110000
2023-12-06Kenilworth 12008060.0A 231.55TRES CHICAldo Domeyer71.605/228/10GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR120000
2024-01-15Kenilworth 10007760.0A 931.55DAME OF TRIXAldo Domeyer59.007/233/20GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR120000
2024-02-06Kenilworth 12007658.5A 11-0.50*TEQUILA SKYAldo Domeyer70.732/133/10GoodOpen MdnTurfMainR90000
2024-03-05Kenilworth 10007757.0A 253.50KYTHERAJuan Paul V'D Merwe60.0214/125/2GoodClass 4TurfMainR120000
2024-04-02Kenilworth 10007760.0A 71-0.30*PALO QUEENAldo Domeyer59.703/17/2GoodCape C StksTurfMainR105000
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