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Age: 4 (at last run)
Sex: g
M/Rating: 75 (at last run)
Owner: Messrs M I Fullard & J H Drew
Breeder: Highlands Farms Stud (Pty) Ltd
Trainer: Geoff Woodruff
Breeding: Master Of My Fate - Rei Rei by Doowaley (IRE)
Colours: White, gold diagonal stripes, blue sleeves and cap
Last run: 2020-11-21
Next race: 2020-12-02 at Kenilworth
Race DateVenue DistMRWghtEquipDrFinLBHWinner/*2ndJockeyTimeOPSPConditionTypeSurfaceCoursePrize
2019-09-21Durbanville 1250 58.0A 12108.70STOPALLTHECLOCKSDonovan Dillon78.0225/160/1GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-10-29Kenilworth 1200 59.0A 284.60COUNT JACKDonovan Dillon74.3920/128/1V/SoftMdn PlateTurfMainR80000
2019-11-27Kenilworth 1400 60.0A 521.75DOPPIO OROKeagan De Melo86.9912/120/1GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR70000
2019-12-28Kenilworth 16007759.0A 131.85ROCK THE NIGHTM J Byleveld102.765/153/20GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR70000
2020-01-11Kenilworth 16007760.0A 842.40NAMAQUALANDM J Byleveld99.887/113/1GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR70000
2020-02-08Kenilworth 16007760.0A 264.95AL'S MY DADDYM J Byleveld99.1721/411/2GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR70000
2020-02-25Kenilworth 20007560.0A 152.30AUGUST LEAVESM J Byleveld126.4573/2027/4GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR70000
2020-03-21Durbanville 14007160.0A 743.65MIDNIGHT BADGERM J Byleveld85.4215/229/4GoodMdn PlateTurfMainR60000
2020-06-09Kenilworth 16007060.0A B41-0.75*MORSEM J Byleveld102.9810/115/2V/SoftMdn PlateTurfMainR40000
2020-07-22Durbanville 16007656.5A B495.20ROCKIN' RINGOM J Byleveld97.2914/112/1GoodMR 81 HCPTurfMainR40000
2020-09-26Durbanville 16007654.5A B353.60HOEDSPRUITM J Byleveld97.9414/133/1GoodMR 86 HCPTurfMainR46000
2020-10-17Durbanville 14007657.5A B142.25MYHOPESANDDREAMSOswald Noach84.5612/125/1GoodMR 80 HCPTurfMainR46000
2020-11-21Kenilworth 16007654.0A B742.55ARCTIC DRIFTOswald Noach98.4115/110/1GoodMR 88 HCPTurfMainR46000
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