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Durban July: Did you know?

Posted on Friday, 31 May 2024

Pic Trainer Syd- Laird circa 1960s jpg

Syd Laird

1961 was the last year of pounds and shillings before we moved over to the decimal system in South Africa. That year was the Durban July was won for the first time by Syd Laird with Kerason.

Syd Laird went on to get seven more July victories:

  • Kerason in 1961
  • Colorado King in 1963 (first year of the Rothmans sponsorship)
  • Java Head in 1966 (the year Sea Cottage was shot and still finished 4th)
  • 1964 the deadheat with Sea Cottage and Jollify (even though Sea Cottage carried 12,5 kg more than Jollify)
  • 1971 with Mazarin (setting a new class record of 2 min 14 sec)
  • 1973 with Yataghan (even though Yataghan had stopped down the straight)
  • 1978 was his last win with the great Politician



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