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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
« VR286TN475TN541VR373VR445VR665VR699 7 Grade 3TurfTROPIC SUN96A 4f54.51210.0066.58TN840TN913Below form
« TN769VR811Below formTN386VR445VR481VR639VR700Below form 7 Grade 3TurfRIO'S WINTER104A 4f58.5721.6866.90TN862TN913Below formTN958Below formSV814Below formGE822Below form
« SV654GE687VR199VR300TN382VR481TN631 7 Grade 3TurfWINTER SMOKE109A 3f58.5133.4267.23TN889SV742SV814Below form
« TN382Below formVR535Below formTN578Below formVR596Below formVR621VR699Below formVR733 7 Grade 3TurfALL OF ME89A 5m52.01145.6867.66TN792VR810TN840Below formTN863Below formSV745TN983
« VR275Below formTN333VR404TN449VR596Below formVR641VR700Below form 7 Grade 3TurfSHEER TALENT90A B4f52.0955.7467.67VR810Below formVR876Below formTN932Below formFW500
TN772VR805TN888GE688TN240TN330 4 Mdn PlateTurfROYAL WULFF83A 3g60.0717.8968.08TN815TN931
« VR237Below formTN382VR420VR535VR596Below formVR641VR699 7 Grade 3TurfCHE BELLA97A 5m55.0369.7468.43TN840
« TN976SV723Below formTN423TN472VR506TN624VR713 4 Mdn PlateTurfEYES ON TIGER75A 3g60.0829.7968.44TN789TN918
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfGIFTED GAL A 2f60.010110.2668.53TN911
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfFREED FROM DESIRE A 2f60.09210.5368.58TN839TN911VR961TN1024
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfPYROMANIAC A 2c60.07111.0568.68VR962SV813
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfMITCH GOT HIS WISH A 2c60.01211.1168.69VR831TN912TN1023
VR694 3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfHOLLYWOODBOUND A 2f60.08312.1668.89TN798TN857VR920Below formTN980TN1044
TN852VR565VR677VR713 4 Mdn PlateTurfGRAPPLER73A 3g60.01312.1668.89TN789
« VR369TN382TN449TN529TN578Below formVR641Below formTN672 7 Grade 3TurfDOUBLE 'O' EIGHT100A B6m56.52713.5869.16TN822TN840TN910VR1017Below form
« VR986VR1192VR1244TN583TN769VR168TN530 7 Grade 3TurfSTELLAR MOTION88A 4f52.0*1.55814.4269.32 
VR960VR11TN111VR165TN311TN740 4 Mdn PlateTurfWATCH YOUR MOUTH70A 3g60.0*0.04414.6869.37VR806TN839TN892Below formTN938TN955VR989TN1043
« VR946TN333Below formVR420VR541TN577TN649GE576 7 Grade 3TurfSPRING BREAK93A 4f53.08915.2669.48SV655Below formVR904FW478
« VR839TN185VR197TN309VR352VR622VR733Below form 7 Grade 3TurfPRINCESS NICOLE89A 4f52.0*1.561015.4769.52TN791
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfKWAZZI'S LADY A 2f60.012415.5869.54VR832TN911TN1024
SV2 4 Mdn PlateTurfLA SICARIA A 3f57.59515.7469.57VR902TN959TN1048
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfSPLASH OF GREEN A 2f60.06515.7969.58TN867Below formTN909TN952
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfCORAL DAWN A 2f60.01616.0069.62TN867TN980
VR634VR711 3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfVOLTRON A 2f60.03717.8969.98VR920TN954TN997
« TN634TN695SV600GE635GE694Below formVR481TN649 7 Grade 3TurfSPIRITOFTHEGROOVE97A B4f55.0101118.2670.05TN932
TN746 3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfHAMAAMA A 2f60.013818.3270.06TN867TN896VR946
TN170VR213TN277VR313VR703 4 Mdn PlateTurfLOVE LIES71A 3g60.02618.3270.06GE627VR826VR993
  4 Mdn PlateTurfONE BLOCK A 3g60.0*1.55718.9570.18TN789TN899TN956VR1037
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfGILDA GRAY A 2f60.0*1.57920.0070.38TN813VR848TN867VR1002
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfLYDIA'S PROSPER A 2f60.051020.8970.55TN927VR970VR1004
TN514GE570 3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfROUTE SIXTY SIX A 2f60.041121.9570.75GE661TN867TN927VR970TN1044
VR833VR869VR924VR678VR704 4 Mdn PlateTurfCOUNTRY MILE70A 3f57.5*0.010822.3270.82VR779VR827Below formVR848
  3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfRAY INDIGO  2f60.0*1.521223.4271.03 
« TN937TN7TN91TN129Below formTN578VR641Below formVR699 7 Grade 3TurfRISK TAKER97A 4f55.041223.7971.10TN1022
TN390 3 Mdn Juv PlateTurfI AM ROYAL A 2f60.0111324.0571.15VR970
  4 Mdn PlateTurfAPOLLO ELEVEN A 3c60.03925.7471.47VR908TN940
VR609Below formVR711 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfFRANCA A 2f57.54327.1671.74VR825VR920VR1013
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfPARTNER IN CRIME A 2g60.03427.3771.78TN799TN856TN928
  4 Mdn PlateTurfPOMELO A 3g60.061027.8471.87VR823TN897TN994
VR695 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfMASTER OF LAW A 2g60.05532.8972.83VR831TN928Below formTN996TN1048
VR695TN739Below form 1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfNOBLE STRIKER A 2g60.02636.5373.52TN866TN909Below formGE820
  1 Mdn Juv PlateTurfFLINDERS RANGE A 2c60.06741.6374.49TN866VR1003

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