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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
SV584GE191GE242Below formSV319GE379A 4 MR 77 HCPTurfBIG SKY COUNTRY81A 3f58.51010.0068.62 
GE183GE243GE284GE386A 4 MR 77 HCPTurfHUGS ACCEPTED80A 3f58.0620.0568.63 
GE364 4 MR 77 HCPTurfSHE'S A KEEPER68A 4f55.5730.6868.75 
« KW430Below formKW30Below formDE62DE113Below formKW159KW191GE401A 4 MR 77 HCPTurfALSFLAMINGBEAUTY78A 5m60.5243.0569.20 
DE398KW451DE10DE73KW159 4 MR 77 HCPTurfMAUSSANE81A 3f58.5*2.5153.3769.26 
« GE51GE111GE195GE250GE265GE309GE386A 4 MR 77 HCPTurfHAREER66A 5m54.5963.6869.32 
GE337 3 Mdn PlateTurfPRINCESS ANASTASIA A 3f60.01213.8969.36 
« SV492SV9GE112GE207Below formGE233SV319GE386A 4 MR 77 HCPTurfBRUNILDA68A 4f55.5874.3769.45 
SV583GE660GE10SV102Below formGE153GE279GE346 4 MR 77 HCPTurfCELTIC VISION77A 3f56.5384.7969.53 
SV74GE209GE339SV394A 2 Mdn PlateTurfCAFE PACIFICA75A B3g60.01414.8469.54 
« GE198GE253GE356SV424SV473GE607GE88 4 MR 77 HCPTurfMISSION BEACH65A C4f54.0494.9569.56 
« GE520GE544GE570SV627SV730SV107GE233 4 MR 77 HCPTurfSANSKRIFT78A 4f60.55105.0069.57 
GE660SV75GE153GE278GE353 3 Mdn PlateTurfMEGHAN62A 3f60.01425.7469.71 
SV670SV29SV118GE220GE339SV392 2 Mdn PlateTurfTRUMPET VOLUNTARY66A B4g60.0525.8969.74 
SV75Below formGE252SV313GE364Below form 3 Mdn PlateTurfLET'S NOT LINGER66A 3f60.0635.9569.75 
GE641GE662GE354GE415 2 Mdn PlateTurfMASANGO MACHINE68A 3g60.01336.3269.82 
SV74GE208GE338SV392 2 Mdn PlateTurfCAMORA76A 3g60.0246.8969.93 
SV101GE217SV314SV394A 2 Mdn PlateTurfNORTHERN WARRIOR70A C3g60.0*4.0957.1169.97 
SV391 3 Mdn PlateTurfWHAT A SPLASH A 3f60.0147.5370.05 
GE268SV319 4 MR 77 HCPTurfMAID IN FRANCE80A 3f58.011117.5370.05 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfBOARD MASTER A 3g60.0868.3270.20 
GE11SV118GE190 2 Mdn PlateTurfNO NAME BRAND48A 5g60.0379.1670.36 
KW161 3 Mdn PlateTurfSPICY HOT A 3f60.01359.5370.43 
« SV492GE549SV727SV76SV118GE303GE364 3 Mdn PlateTurfBLANCHETTA62A 4f60.0369.7970.48 
SV650SV1GE55GE92Below formGE365 2 Mdn PlateTurfBRINGBACKTHEMONEY66A 3g60.0*2.51810.3770.59 
SV671SV75GE153GE201SV315 3 Mdn PlateTurfCULTURE CLUB63A B3f60.010711.0070.71 
  3 Mdn PlateTurfTOP HONOURS A 3f60.02811.3270.77 
« TN782VR899VR944TN152TN224TN311VR456 2 Mdn PlateTurfRAMPAGE52A 4g60.06911.6870.84GE462
SV583GE337SV391 3 Mdn PlateTurfQUENANZA69A 3f60.0*1.59911.8970.88SV471
SV724GE191GE294SV392 2 Mdn PlateTurfFREEDOM DANCER68A 3g60.071013.3771.16 
  3 Mdn PlateTurfBELL STARBUSTER A 3f60.0*4.0111014.5371.38 
SV294GE549GE613SV671GE268GE371 3 Mdn PlateTurfLEADING LYRIC64A B4f60.071115.4271.55 
SV393A 2 Mdn PlateTurfSECRET SELECTION A 3g60.0*2.5111115.6871.60 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfBRING ME SUNSHINE A 3c60.041216.2671.71 
SV313GE371 3 Mdn PlateTurfGOLDEN AWARD A 3f60.051217.7471.99SV477
TN336GE182SV312SV392Below form 2 Mdn PlateTurfCLETO69A B3g60.0101318.3272.10 
SV294Below formSV362GE402SV493GE556Below formGE243SV313 3 Mdn PlateTurfEMPRESS ELLA63A 4f60.081320.0572.43 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfICE CAPTAIN A 3g60.0121420.9572.60 

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