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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
ZE118ZE137Below formZE139ZE9Below form 3 Pin PlateTurfGOLDEN LION78S 5g57.5510.0070.23 
« ZE38ZE58ZE94ZE115ZE129ZE137Below formZE7 3 Pin PlateTurfCHRISTOFLE91A B6g62.0*4.0320.8470.39 
« ZE150ZE164ZE18ZE35ZE137ZE5Below formZE9 3 Pin PlateTurfLOVE TO BLUFF82A 4g59.0231.6870.55 
ZE130 2 Mdn PlateTurfMAGNUS MAXIMUS S 3c59.0614.1171.01 
ZE31ZE45ZE58ZE62ZE137ZE5 3 Pin PlateTurfARMSTRONG90A 5g62.0444.6871.12 
ZE109ZE116ZE145ZE8Below form 7 HCPTurfTRUE BEAUTY77S 3f57.5514.7971.14 
ZE123ZE145 7 HCPTurfDINDINGWE78S 3f58.0*4.0124.8971.16 
ZE73ZE95ZE8 7 HCPTurfWILLFULL PATH82S 3f60.0636.3771.44 
ZE109ZE116ZE145Below formZE8 7 HCPTurfMIND MASTER76A 3g57.0747.0071.56 
ZE73ZE145ZE8 7 HCPTurfMAZIKEEN72A 3f55.0257.0571.57 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfVESEO68A 4f57.5327.5371.66 
  7 HCPTurfPOWDER PUFF74S 3f56.0368.5371.85 
ZE73ZE95ZE130ZE140ZE1 7 HCPTurfVAINLIKETHAT65S 3f52.0479.5872.05 
« ZE65ZE79ZE94ZE118ZE137Below formZE139Below formZE14 3 Pin PlateTurfWHITE WINTER84A 6m56.51511.4772.41 
ZE1 2 Mdn PlateTurfANA LANE S 3f56.58311.7472.46 
ZE140ZE12 2 Mdn PlateTurfROCQUETTE S B3f56.5*4.0+0.57414.7473.03 
ZE116ZE130 2 Mdn PlateTurfJENNY'S WORD S 3f56.5*4.05514.9573.07 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfGREEN EMERALD S 4g60.02615.1673.11 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfCOUNT ALLEY A 3g59.04719.3773.91 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfGLOBAL TREE S 3c59.01821.1174.24 

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