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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
KW479 1 Mdn PlateTurfBARNEY MCGREW A 3c60.0510.0062.39 
KW478 2 Mdn PlateTurfSONIC BURST A 3f60.0310.4762.48 
KW245KW330 1 Mdn PlateTurfEMBLEM OF HOPE A 3c60.0321.4762.67 
  1 Mdn PlateTurfCARLO COLLODI A 3g60.0831.8962.75 
  1 Mdn PlateTurfKAPTEIN A 3c60.0942.1662.80 
  1 Mdn PlateTurfBLINGKING A 3c60.0652.3262.83 
  1 Mdn PlateTurfMASTER OF POWER A 3g60.0*4.0162.6862.90 
  1 Mdn PlateTurfMACH FOUR A 3g60.0773.9563.14 
  1 Mdn PlateTurfLIVINGSTONE A 3c60.0284.0563.16 
KW405KW431KW477 2 Mdn PlateTurfSOVEREIGN ROSE85A 3f60.0224.1163.17 
  1 Mdn PlateTurfBETTER DAYS A 3c60.0495.1163.36 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfLEGAL DREAM A 3f60.0635.5863.45 
KW477 2 Mdn PlateTurfWHAT A FLIGHT A 3f60.0*4.0546.2163.57 
KW340KW406KW431Below form 2 Mdn PlateTurfKISS OF LIFE74A 3f60.0858.1163.93 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfPERFECT DISPLAY A 3f60.0169.3764.17 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfEMMA'S GIRL A 3f60.04712.1664.70 
  2 Mdn PlateTurfROYAL SUPPORT A 3f60.09816.3765.50 
KW359DE390KW425KW461KW477 2 Mdn PlateTurfSTEPITUPBABY54a B3f60.07922.1166.59 

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