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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
KW413 1 Juv PlateTurfINVINCABELLE a 2c60.0310.0075.00 
KW405 1 Juv PlateTurfJET DARK A 2c60.0421.7975.34 
KW270KW312KW374KW405KW428 1 Juv PlateTurfFORT RED A 2g57.0234.7975.91 
KW423 5 Mdn PlateTurfSPEED MACHINE A 2c57.0615.2676.00 
DE397KW417 1 Juv PlateTurfMATTHEW THE KING A 2c60.0146.7976.29 
  3 Juv PlateTurfREALLY ROYAL A 2f57.0517.3776.40 
KW211KW330KW359KW418 3 Juv PlateTurfCAPTAIN'S FLO A 2f60.0427.7476.47 
  3 Juv PlateTurfOSCAR'S WINNER A 2f57.0238.1176.54 
  1 Juv PlateTurfSABINA'S PRODIGY A 2c57.0558.3776.59 
KW1KW17DE64KW137KW262KW315 5 Mdn PlateTurfNEVIL MU60A 3g60.0429.1176.73 
DE398 3 Juv PlateTurfMAUSSANE A 2f57.0149.2176.75 
KW221KW283KW437 5 Mdn PlateTurfSHINNECOCK72A 3g60.01239.3776.78 
KW423 5 Mdn PlateTurfPACIFIC DUKE A 2c57.011410.5377.00 
KW357KW422 4 Mdn PlateTurfMISS MILLSTREAM A B3f60.010111.1177.11 
« KW24DE68Below formDE108DE130KW229FW254Below formDE404Below form 5 Mdn PlateTurfTHEMADIRISHSHERIFF68A B3g60.07511.4277.17KW460
  5 Mdn PlateTurfCELTILLUS A 3g60.0*2.55611.7977.24 
KW295KW341KW359 4 Mdn PlateTurfTRIPPIN THE STARS A 2f57.06211.7977.24 
DE58DE97Below formKW146KW195KW278KW373KW422 4 Mdn PlateTurfFLOATLIKABUTTERFLY60 3f60.0*4.05312.8977.45 
KW546KW18KW164KW196KW222KW415Below form 4 Mdn PlateTurfCAMINO PALMERO72A 3f60.07413.2677.52 
« DE68DE98KW165KW213KW236KW280KW414 5 Mdn PlateTurfFORBACH72A 3c60.09713.3777.54 
KW522DE114KW271KW329KW368DE404 5 Mdn PlateTurfDOLLAR BRAND69A 3g60.08813.6377.59 
KW406 4 Mdn PlateTurfIN YOUR TIME A 2f57.012513.6377.59 
« KW203KW235Below formKW271KW304Below formKW320KW373KW407Below form 5 Mdn PlateTurfEMPIRE GLORY60A B4g60.0*4.01913.7477.61 
KW42DE136 4 Mdn PlateTurfTIVOLI GARDENS A 3f60.03613.8477.63 
KW356DE404 5 Mdn PlateTurfTHE CORPORAL A 3c60.0101014.0077.66 
KW431 3 Juv PlateTurfHELEN'S BLUSH A 2f57.0*4.08514.0077.66 
  3 Juv PlateTurfPERFECT TRUST A 2f57.06614.1677.69 
KW407 4 Mdn PlateTurfSAKURA TRICK A 3f60.08714.2677.71 
  3 Juv PlateTurfBILLIE JEAN a 2f57.03714.8477.82 
KW271KW320KW356KW407 5 Mdn PlateTurfI DID WHAT I DID59a 3g60.031114.9577.84 
KW254KW294KW322KW349KW373KW434 4 Mdn PlateTurfAPACHE GIRL65A 3f60.0*4.04814.9577.84 
KW422 4 Mdn PlateTurfVAL GARDENA A 3f60.01915.6377.97 
KY128KW359KW418 3 Juv PlateTurfMISS GENEROSITY A 2f60.07816.8978.21 
KW498KW545KW18KW51DE97KW146KW422 4 Mdn PlateTurfPRINCESS ANGELINE68A 3f60.021017.4778.32 
KW426 5 Mdn PlateTurfDIRTY MARTINI A 2c57.021217.6378.35 
  4 Mdn PlateTurfKAROO WINTER A 2f57.091117.8978.40 

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