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Previous Races¬†R#TypeSurfaceHorse MRAIBIASWghDrFiLBHTime¬†Post Races
« KY35KY44KY54Below formKY70KY77Below formKY92Below formKY111 4 FM 75 HCPSandEUAN' ME61A B6m53.0710.0098.32KY141KY148
« KY292KY311KY5Below formKY23KY52Below formKY70Below formKY103 4 FM 75 HCPSandKICK BUTT72A B5m58.5821.1198.53 
« KY286KY311KY319KY5KY52VR266KY108 4 FM 75 HCPSandRUBY AND ROSES87A B3f60.01031.3298.57KY141KW378DE394KW462
KY10KY37KY74 3 Mdn PlateSandOUT OF THE RAINBOW52A B3g59.0213.1698.92VR912
« KY133KY216KY263KY5Below formKY40KY69KY92Below form 4 FM 75 HCPSandMS HOLLY GOLIGHTLY57A 7m52.0*2.5944.1699.11KY186Below form
« SV769SV866KY52Below formKY70Below formKY84KY103KY111 4 FM 75 HCPSandGRECIAN LAUREL70A B4f57.5455.4799.36KY141Below formKY159KY170KY195
« FW425FW476FW12Below formFW29Below formFW63FW149KY109 3 Mdn PlateSandCAPTAIN HOOK52A 4g60.0*2.5629.53100.13KY138Below formKY146KY158KY184
« TN1169VR1250VR18KY58KY70KY92Below formKY108Below form 4 FM 75 HCPSandOH SO COLD52A C4f52.0*2.55610.32100.28 
« KY40Below formKY52Below formKY70Below formKY82KY92Below formKY103Below formKY111Below form 4 FM 75 HCPSandGREEN CAVIAR59A 4f52.0*0.06710.53100.32FW241FW260FW287
« KY137KY142KY155KY163KY207KY220KY239 4 FM 75 HCPSandWINGS N THINGS37A B5m52.02810.95100.40 
VR1271TN30VR67TN116 3 Mdn PlateSandINTENSO38A B4c60.010311.74100.55KY138KY184
« KY195KY230KY239KY249KY265KY87KY108Below form 4 FM 75 HCPSandMAMBO MAE35A B4f52.0*4.01911.84100.57 
« TN30TN57Below formKY38KY57KY77Below formKY92KY108 4 FM 75 HCPSandSHORT SKIRT FLIRT67A 4f56.0*0.031012.00100.60KY141KY148Below formKY186VR910
KW469DE519DE596KY13KY48KY83Below formKY109 3 Mdn PlateSandTRAVELLER'S JOY46A B4g60.08412.58100.71KY138Below formKY187KY200
TN300A 3 Mdn PlateSandSURFNTURF A 3c59.05516.11101.38KY146KY156Below formKY187
KY335KY28KY112VR509VR758KY214KY90 3 Mdn PlateSandSUMOLL36A 4f57.0*2.57617.21101.59 
« SV790GE825KY306KY48KY83KY88Below formKY106Below form 3 Mdn PlateSandCINNABON37A B5g60.0*0.03720.68102.25KY130Below formKY138KY146Below formKY193
SV106SV108GE172 3 Mdn PlateSandDO THE TRICK A 3g59.09825.32103.13 
KY72KY83 3 Mdn PlateSandWILLOUWS RACER A B3c59.01932.53104.50KY130

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