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(GE116) ALL TO COME MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2021-09-15 Time: 13:40
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R80000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
 9MAGIC IN MOTION Tristan Godden 3f A 57.07 1 -0.6084.85100/340/1GE266GE330GE381GE804SV878GE924
GE730SV828SV4113BAY BREEZE S'Manga Khumalo 3f67A 57.011 2 0.6084.9425/2100/7SV139GE190SV413SV503GE648Below formGE700SV774 »
« SV538GE631Below formGE696GE760GE841GE904Below formGE14INDOMAVEL Athandiwe Mgudlwa 4f64A 60.04 3 0.6584.9525/450/7GE180GE237FW216FW335FW367FW420FW450
SV776SV827SV875GE5914CASHEWL Warren Kennedy 3f70A 57.012 4 2.7585.285/125/7GE199GE230GE293GE442GE573GE700GE926
SV652GE7302NEW ORLEANS Anton Marcus 3f A 57.02 5 3.2585.3550/95/1GE206Below formGE222GE287SV474SV505SV597SV659 »
SV776SV11Below formGE745SHIELD MAIDEN Thabiso Gumede 3f75A 57.0*1.55 6 4.3585.5325/75/2GE147GE181Below formGE214GE247GE389GE469FW343 »
SV471GE519GE578GE672GE803GE857GE191DENISA Craig Zackey 4f54A B60.01 7 4.9585.63100/7100/3GE229SV326Below formGE377SV409
KW474KW61810LILY OF ORANGE Keagan De Melo 3f A 57.08 8 5.2085.6791/2025/2GE179GE206GE264SV326GE371GE402GE442Below form »
GE766GE4212CHINNY ROSE Ashton Arries 3f A C57.010 9 10.6086.5025/140/1GE229FW200FW216FW240FW256FW265FW297
SV353ULTIMATUM TREE Rachel Venniker 3f A 57.0*4.03 10 11.2086.5940/140/1GE289GE350GE377
 11PARK AND FLY Muzi Yeni 4f A 60.09 11 13.4086.9625/2100/7GE190GE264GE307Below formGE362SV410SV476
 7CREATIVE TOUCH Serino Moodley 3f A 57.06 12 14.3087.1020/140/1SV139GE190


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