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(GE153) FOLLOW GOLD CIRCLE ON FACEBOOK MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2020-09-30 Time: 14:20
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R70000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Polytrack
Condition: General  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
SV1192HEREINAFTER Donovan Dillon 3f A 57.02 1 -1.1098.4316/19/1GE213GE265GE326GE400
SV492GE516SV6GE879INGAKARAL Nicholas Patel 4f61A B60.09 2 1.1098.616/117/2GE198GE404AGE465
GE660SV7510MEGHAN Ashton Arries 3f A 57.010 3 3.0098.929/22/1GE278GE353SV447
SV671SV7511CULTURE CLUB Lyle Hewitson 3f A 57.011 4 3.2098.967/271/20GE201SV315SV447Below form
« KW328KW357DE391KW422Below formDE493GE57GE947INNOGEN Mfanelo Hlanganani Zuma 4f68A 60.0*4.07 5 3.2598.9711/217/2GE278GE399GE417
GE576GE633GE945LAUREL LANE Denis Schwarz 3f73A 57.05 6 3.3098.9815/212/1GE245GE382ASV455Below form
« DE408KW457FW544GE914GE35SV368GE878SILVER BEAUTY Gareth Wright 5m57A 60.08 7 3.5099.0015/29/1GE269GE297Below form
SV583GE660GE10SV102Below form1CELTIC VISION Sean Veale 3f76A 57.01 8 3.7099.028/112/1GE279GE346SV448
SV586SV625Below formGE646SV669GE19GE96GE1174KOALA Tristan Godden 3f71A 57.04 9 3.7599.0325/155/1GE176GE201GE236GE264GE348GE356Below formGE374 »
GE408SV443SV467GE534GE18GE48Below form12FRILLY SOX Luke Ferraris 4f56A B60.0*0.012 10 5.0599.2425/125/1GE200GE235GE279GE295GE353Below formGE406ABelow formGE464
 6UNDERTHEMISTLETOE Jason Gates 3f A 57.0*0.06 11 9.3599.9520/144/1GE269SV316GE406A
FW408FW441Below formFW485FW10Below formSV823LEILA'S ROSE Stuart Randolph 3f75A 57.03 12 16.15101.0720/130/1GE184Below formGE245GE269GE297Below formSV316


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