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(SV727) STAY SAFE WITH A MASK MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2020-07-29 Time: 13:20
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R70000
Venue: Scottsville Course: Main
Distance: 1100m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
KW375SV584GE63312KEEP THE LIGHTS ON Richard Fourie 2f A 57.012 1 -2.3063.1911/208/15GE66GE275TN382
GE18SV97GE220Below formGE352SV473GE576GE66813PALMHEART Thabiso Gumede 3f62A B60.0*2.513 2 2.3063.5714/120/1SV76SV119GE210Below formSV313SV449
GE182GE240GE388SV492GE54910BLANCHETTA Keagan De Melo 3f60A 60.010 3 2.3563.5814/133/1SV76SV118GE303GE364SV447
« VR328VR379GE401SV493GE533SV596SV6716CONSTANTIA Ashton Arries 3f63A B60.06 4 3.8563.8414/122/1GE57SV76
SV622Below formGE697Below form8SOWETO HALL Lyle Hewitson 2f A 57.08 5 4.2563.8817/214/1GE10SV75SV102GE277GE294GE337GE372
 4CASADORO Jabu Jacobs 2f A 57.0*2.54 6 6.7564.3320/155/1GE55GE183GE268GE397
GE6607CAPULET'S HEART Muzi Yeni 2f A 57.07 7 8.4564.619/115/1GE94Below formGE152GE219Below formGE346GE397
KY1285IM ATTRACKTIVE Tristan Godden 2f A 57.05 8 8.5064.6230/175/1GE94GE126GE198GE236Below formGE269GE353
SV4909JUST THE WIND Khanya Sakayi 2f A 57.0*1.59 9 8.7564.6436/175/1GE152GE200GE303GE398
GE564GE66311AIRBUZZ Warren Kennedy 2f A 57.011 10 9.5564.78117/2012/1GE126GE199GE371
 14CONKER THE WORLD Donovan Dillon 2f A 57.014 11 10.0564.8625/120/1SV75GE183GE279GE353GE406A
 2MONTFORT Stuart Randolph 2f A 57.02 12 13.3565.4030/155/1GE109GE219GE308
 15RAIN WEAR Sean Veale 2f A 57.01 13 15.8565.8211/125/1GE94Below formGE152GE399SV455
KY154KY1903SHADOW MAGIC Gareth Wright 3f A 60.03 14 21.2566.7240/175/1GE57GE87GE253GE296


14 Aug 2020    10:43  - john_sweet  

STIPES REPORT: RAIN WEAR (S Veale) lost two lengths and was slow into stride. JUST THE WIND (*K Sakayi) lost one length. PALMHEART (*T Gumede) was hanging in from the 400m. At the 600m, CONSTANTIA (A Arries) and JUST THE WIND (*K Sakayi) were carried in by KEEP THE LIGHTS ON (R Fourie) which rolled in. At the 500m, RAIN WEAR (S Veale) shifted out away from the crop. KEEP THE LIGHTS ON (R Fourie), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer J Snaith advised (ML). RAIN WEAR was ridden by Jockey S Veale. Reserve runner (advised 29.07.2020/06h58). VET : KEEP THE LIGHTS ON : Cut into left hind. SCRATCHINGS : AZURITE : No starting stall certificate (29.07.2020/06h56). DEEP THOUGHT : Reserve runner. CRYSTAL COVE : Reserve runner.

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