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(SV671) TRACK and BALL DANMA MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2020-07-11 Time: 12:55
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R70000
Venue: Scottsville Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
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Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
 4SAV'S STAR Thabiso Gumede 2f A 57.0*2.54 1 -1.2071.5111/120/1GE709GE275GE426
 1LUCY LU Serino Moodley 2f A 57.01 2 1.2071.7112/122/1GE37SV447
« VR281VR328VR379GE401SV493GE533SV5962CONSTANTIA Khanya Sakayi 3f61A B60.0*1.52 3 2.4071.9216/136/1SV727GE57SV76
SV492GE57612GOOD GIRL Donovan Dillon 3f A B60.012 4 3.9072.1667/205/1GE268GE399
 8WINGS OF FIRE Callan Murray 2f A 57.08 5 3.9572.175/14/1SV725GE19FW254
 13CULTURE CLUB Athandiwe Mgudlwa 2f A 57.013 6 4.6572.2814/133/1SV75GE153GE201SV315SV447Below form
« GE220GE253GE284SV362GE384GE458GE56410WHISPERING HILL Tristan Godden 4f50A 60.010 7 5.3572.4150/166/1GE279GE348Below formGE364SV391GE397GE414SV452
 6QUEPID Jason Gates 2f A 57.0*0.06 8 5.7572.4912/116/1SV82Below formGE261GE366
SV5847HARPER'S DREAM Richard Fourie 2f A 57.07 9 5.8072.5121/49/2SV120GE242GE308GE412
 3AMBLE INN Jarred Lee Samuel 2f A 57.03 10 9.8073.2630/166/1SV82GE235GE348GE398GE464
SV294GE549GE61311LEADING LYRIC Warren Kennedy 3f65A 60.011 11 11.0073.4617/47/2GE268GE371SV447
 14CACHE Billy Jacobson 2f A 57.014 12 11.3073.5211/133/1GE36GE174GE243GE364
 9STRAIGHT FIRE Keagan De Melo 2f A 57.09 13 13.8074.0014/133/1SV77GE183GE285GE367
GE222GE246SV443SV473GE6135AQUAE SULIS Jabu Jacobs 3f66A B60.0*2.55 14 27.4076.716/115/2GE48GE185GE368


12 Jul 2020    20:20  - Blaze  

The STIPES report is posted with courtesy of racing analyst John Sweet copied from the NHRA website Further information of John's racing analysis please contact him directly by whatsapp (+27) 076 380 0068

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15 Jul 2020    12:50  - Blaze  

THE STARTER REPORTED: a) LUCY LU (S Moodley) was restless in the stalls and lost two lengths. b) STRAIGHT FIRE (K de Melo) lost one length.

THE STIPENDIARY STEWARDS REPORTED : a) LUCY LU (S Moodley) was hanging out from the 500m. b) STRAIGHT FIRE (K de Melo) was hanging in from the 400m, proving difficult to assist. c) Apprentice J Jacobs reported that he felt something amiss with AQUAE SULIS (27.40 lengths) in the running. The Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine. d) In view of the performance of LEADING LYRIC (11.00 lengths, 7/2 in the betting) the Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine. Trainer G Rich was requested to report back to the Stipendiary Board on the condition of this filly on return to stables. e) Jockey S Moodley signed an admission of guilt for a contravention of Rule 58.10.2, read in conjunction with Guideline M, in that he struck the horse LUCY LU more than 12 times in the entire race. In deciding what action to take against Jockey S Moodley the Board considered the number of times (19) Jockey S Moodley struck the horse LUCY LU, the distance over which and manner in which, Jockey S Moodley used his crop and his record (4) in relation to this Rule. Accordingly, a penalty of R3500 was imposed. f) SAV’S STAR (*T Gumede), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer N Kotzen advised (TN). JOCKEY / EQUIPMENT CHANGES : a) Nil. RACE CARD CHANGES / OTHER : a) Nil.

THE VETERINARY SURGEON REPORTED : a) AQUAE SULIS : Nothing obvious detected. b) LEADING LYRIC : Nothing obvious detected. c) SAV’S STAR : Cut into right hind.

SCRATCHINGS : a) TWICEASFAST : Reserve runner. b) SOWETO HALL : Reserve runner. c) IM ATTRACKTIVE : Reserve runner.

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