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(GE712) JONSSON WORKWEAR GARDEN PROVINCE STAKES (Grade 1) (Fillies and Mares at Weight-For-Age)
Date: 2020-07-25 Time: 15:45
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R325000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
« SV744GE849KW208Below formKW292Below formKW335SV600Below formGE635Below form6TEMPLE GRAFIN Keagan De Melo 4f118A 60.06 1 -0.7097.0014/140/1 
« VR332KW237KW292KW335TN777VR811SV6567CELTIC SEA Gavin Lerena 4f126A B60.07 2 0.7097.1229/2047/20 
« KW56DE109KW143KW241Below formKW361SV600SV6565PRETTY YOUNG THING Anton Marcus 3f115A 59.05 3 0.9597.1722/114/1DE106
« DE88KW143Below formKW182KW241KW299GE580Below formGE63711DRIVING MISS DAISY Craig Zackey 3f115A B59.011 4 1.5597.2615/114/1GE73KW207Below form
« VR783TN1219GE898TN292TN634TN721Below formTN891Below form10MILL QUEEN Sean Veale 3f112A 59.010 5 2.6597.4533/133/1TN141TN209Below formTN305Below form
« VR206TN296TN393VR465TN848Below formTN891GE692Below form8RONNIE'S CANDY Grant Van Niekerk 4f117A B60.08 6 3.4597.5810/117/2 
« GE849GE903TN296TN393GE350GE635Below formSV6534ROY'S RIVIERA (AUS) Tristan Godden 5m111A B60.04 7 3.5097.5920/140/1GE72
« KW334KW476KW239KW292KW335KW411GE63613CLOUDS UNFOLD Aldo Domeyer 4f126A 60.013 8 3.5597.6163/2011/4DE106KW207
« KW506KW5DE62KW184KW291KW335GE6353SLEEPING SINGLE (GB) Richard Fourie 4f107A 60.03 9 4.1597.7112/110/1GE73
« TN123TN217TN393Below formGE350VR523Below formTN819TN8912VISTULA Callan Murray 4f115A 60.02 10 4.9597.8414/19/1TN68
« TN296Below formTN393Below formTN444VR523Below formTN719Below formTN819Below formTN92115PERFECT TIGRESS Muzi Yeni 4f105A 60.012 11 5.5597.9528/140/1GE73Below form
« GE896GE49GE161SV468SV510GE580GE637Below form9MARY O Serino Moodley 3f104A 59.09 12 5.8597.9950/1100/1GE289
« TN294TN393TN448VR523TN650VR811TN891Below form1IN THE DANCE Lyle Hewitson 4f105A B60.01 13 12.9599.1725/150/1 
« VR314Below formTN389VR465TN516TN637Below formTN750Below formTN89414DANCING QUEEN Stuart Randolph 4f106A 60.014 14 17.1599.8633/175/1TN115TN209


25 Jul 2020    23:28  - Blaze  

The STIPES report is posted with courtesy of racing analyst John Sweet copied from the NHRA website Further information of John's racing analysis please contact him directly by whatsapp (+27) 076 380 0068

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14 Aug 2020    10:32  - john_sweet  

STIPES REPORT: The start of this race was delayed due to the delay in the previous race. MARY O (S Moodley), CLOUDS UNFOLD (A Domeyer) and DANCING QUEEN (S Randolph) lost one length, respectively. VISTULA (C Murray) and DRIVING MISS DAISY (C Zackey) over-raced in the early and middle stages. MARY O (S Moodley) was hanging in from the 300m. Shortly after the start, VISTULA (C Murray) and TEMPLE GRAFIN (K De Melo) were awkwardly placed on the inside of CELTIC SEA (G Lerena) which shifted in. Jockey G Lerena appeared before the Board with regard to this incident and was advised to take more care when shifting ground in future. Jockey A Domeyer reported that he felt something amiss with CLOUDS UNFOLD (3.55 lengths) in the running. The Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine. In view of the Veterinary Surgeon's report concerning CLOUDS UNFOLD, and in terms of Rule 93.1, this filly is suspended for 60 days from racing in any race under the jurisdiction of the National Horseracing Authority. Trainer C Bass-Robinson was advised. (Suspension Dates: 26.07.2020 to the 23.09.2020) Jockey S Randolph reported that DANCING QUEEN (17.15 lengths) took no interest in running. The Veterinary Surgeon was requested to examine. TEMPLE GRAFIN (K de Melo), the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer G Kotzen advised (SC). CELTIC SEA (G Lerena), placed second, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer S Tarry advised (TN). DRIVING MISS DAISY raced equipped with blinkers (advised 21.07.2020/11h55). MARY O raced with alumite bar shoes in front, alumites behind (advised 24.07.2020/07h56). DRIVING MISS DAISY raced equipped with blinkers (advised 21.07.2020/11h55). PERFECT TIGRESS was ridden by Jockey M Yeni. Reserve runner (advised 23.07.2020/09h56). VET : PRETTY YOUNG THING : Cast left hind shoe. DANCING QUEEN : Not striding out right hind. CLOUDS UNFOLD : Bi-lateral epistaxis. Recommended 60 days suspension. SCRATCHINGS : GABOR : Not eating up (Trainer - 23.07.2020/09h50). Rule 53.5 applies. POOL PARTY : Reserve runner. KAYLA'S CHAMP : Reserve runner.

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