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(GE580) WORLD SPORTS BETTING FILLIES GUINEAS (Grade 2) (For 3 year-old Fillies)
Date: 2020-06-07 Time: 15:13
Type: Grade 2 Prize: R150000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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KW539KW2KW27DE72KW145KW190KW2414MISSISIPPI BURNING Craig Zackey 3f116A 60.04 1 -0.2598.7015/109/4GE692DE106KW207
GE722GE896GE49GE161SV468SV5103MARY O Serino Moodley 3f89A 60.03 2 0.2598.7436/150/1GE637Below formGE712GE289
KW545KW588KW10KW164KW193Below formKW268KW3246LABYRINTH Sean Veale 3f99A B60.06 3 1.8599.0010/114/1GE637Below form
KW51DE76DE111Below formKW166KW214Below formKW2412FOLLOW THE STAR Stuart Randolph 3f92A 60.02 4 2.4599.1022/125/1GE637Below formDE124KW173
« GE826GE896DE75KW143KW190KW290FW34713POINT OF SALE Donovan Dillon 3f96A 60.013 5 2.7599.1514/120/1GE635KW206
SV720GE826GE898GE161GE219GE350GE5378JACK'S BIRD Athandiwe Mgudlwa 3f90A 60.08 6 3.6599.2940/166/1SV32Below formGE138GE222Below formGE289
SV91GE133GE161GE274Below formSV371GE406GE5451GEORGINA ROSE Jason Gates 3f95A 60.0*0.01 7 4.0599.3622/122/1GE694SV32SV123GE179
KW27DE58DE90DE135Below formKW193KW249KW33214SOVEREIGN SECRET Keagan De Melo 3f95A 60.014 8 4.9599.5014/133/1GE637Below formKW500KW181KW215
« KW534KW572DE88KW143Below formKW182KW241KW29910DRIVING MISS DAISY Warren Kennedy 3f115A 60.010 9 5.2599.565/16/1GE637GE712GE73KW207Below form
« KW48DE92KW150KW193KW241KW291KW3355KELPIE Anton Marcus 3f116A 60.05 10 5.4099.597/211/4GE637GE693GE73KW180
KW27KW139KW196KW2837RATTLE MOUSE Eric Saziso Ngwane 3f84A 60.07 11 6.7099.8116/112/1GE637KW498KW174Below form
« GE914GE100GE158TN292GE264GE463SV51011LADY LEGEND Gareth Wright 3f88A 60.011 12 7.3099.9140/166/1SV628Below formGE686Below formGE23GE52ABelow formGE100Below form
« SV807SV860GE896GE183SV297GE350GE5209WINTER SUN Tristan Godden 3f97A 60.09 13 8.30100.0822/166/1SV656SV32Below formGE222Below form
GE774GE46SV88GE216GE292TN72112DANCING FEATHER Billy Jacobson 3f97A 60.012 14 10.10100.3722/125/1SV106GE156GE222Below formGE275GE289Below form


09 Jun 2020    13:55  - Blaze  

The STIPES report is posted with courtesy of racing analyst John Sweet copied from the NHRA website Further information of John's racing analysis please contact him directly by whatsapp (+27) 076 380 0068

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09 Jun 2020    13:59  - Blaze  

THE STARTER REPORTED: a) MISSISIPPI BURNING (C Zackey) was difficult and stubborn loading. Trainer A N Marcus was advised to re-school. b) RATTLE MOUSE (E Ngwane) and MARY O (S Moodley) lost 1 length, respectively.

THE STIPENDIARY STEWARDS REPORTED : a) Racing into the first turn, in a tightly bunched field, LABYRINTH (S Veale), RATTLE MOUSE (E Ngwane) and JACK’S BIRD (A Mgudlwa) suffered varying degrees of interference due to multiple lateral movements. b) Approaching the 200m, FOLLOW THE STAR (S Randolph) had to ease when awkwardly placed between LABYRINTH (S Veale), which rolled out and POINT OF SALE (D Dillon) which shifted in to continue its run off the heels of a tiring LADY LEGEND (G Wright). c) In view of the performance of KELPIE (A Marcus) (5.40 lengths / 11/4 in the betting), Assistant Trainer P Muscutt, acting on behalf of Trainer B Crawford, was requested to report back on the condition of this filly on return to stables. d) MISSISIPPI BURNING (C Zackey) the winner, was selected for the taking of specimens for analysis. Trainer A N Marcus advised (SC).

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