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(KW378) INTERBET.CO.ZA 0861 150 160 FM 84 HANDICAP (F and M) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2020-02-29 Time: 15:55
Type: MR 84 HCP Prize: R70000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
KW2KW42DE102KW264KW289KW3262PHIL'S DANCER Richard Fourie 3f91A 60.01 1 -0.5085.853/119/10KW419KW501DE108KW181KW207
« DE386KW506KW566DE597DE36DE79KW310Below form9FAYE Keagan De Melo 4f77A 56.58 2 0.5085.9312/120/1KW410Below formDE492DE73DE134KW175
« KW508DE109Below formKW151KW186Below formKW248Below formKW310KW345Below form3CRUISE ALONG Aldo Domeyer 4f84A 60.02 3 1.0086.027/121/4KW410KW463Below formKW5Below formDE115Below formKW157Below form
« GE697SV742GE845DE103KW190KW251KW309Below form6MISS HONEY Anthony Andrews 3f85A 57.06 4 1.4086.0833/165/1FW481FW15FW30Below formFW65FW140Below form
KW179KW227KW2891SING OUT LOUD Anton Marcus 3f92A 60.511 5 2.1586.2149/203/1KW419KW462Below formKW498DE106KW173
KW563KW11DE97DE136KW193KW268Below form10DUCHESS OF STATE Luyolo Mxothwa 3f83A 56.07 6 2.6586.2916/135/1DE393KW410KW439Below formDE492Below formKW6KW33DE71Below form »
« KW150KW209KW228KW249KW310KW324KW3455HAMMIE'S FAN Grant Behr 5m79A 57.59 7 3.1586.3814/125/1DE394KW454Below formKW189KW216
KW259KW346KW441KW559FW191KW3094WINDOW TO AFRICA Greg Cheyne 4f80A 58.03 8 3.5586.4412/112/1GE157GE251
« SV646SV742DE88KW143KW214KW309KW3318SOMEWHERE IN TIME Craig Zackey 3f84A 56.55 9 4.8086.6516/116/1SV732SV33GE99GE141
« KW13DE60DE91Below formFW134KW181Below formKW221FW26013WHISKY TANGO Xola Jacobs 3f79A 54.0*4.012 10 5.2086.7216/135/1KW439
DE390KW463KW523KW581KW263KW32612LADY OF THE LAKE Devin Ashby 3f80A 54.54 11 5.3086.7312/130/1 
« KY319KY5KY52VR266KY108KY115KY1417RUBY AND ROSES Liam Tarentaal 3f85A B57.0*2.513 12 6.3086.9033/116/1DE394KW462KW481KW6KW189KW196
« KW56DE102Below formDE135KW160KW193KW317KW346Below form11HIDDEN STRINGS M J Byleveld 3f81A 55.010 13 7.3087.0716/130/1DE492KW8KW33Below formDE63


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