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(KW336) THE SUN MET (Grade 1) (Open to horses at Weight For Age)
Date: 2020-02-01 Time: 17:10
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R3000000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« KW331KW468KW509DE95KW174KW240KW3005ONE WORLD M J Byleveld 4c130A 60.012 1 -0.20122.4811/115/1 
« KW335GE699GE779GE847GE902KW240KW3002RAINBOW BRIDGE Ryan Moore 5g134A 60.05 2 0.20122.5173/2017/4GE636GE711GE72KW246KW304
« TN655TN770TN1001GE762VR333KW258KW300Below form4HAWWAAM Anton Marcus 4c131A 60.011 3 3.70123.1216/1043/20TN821TN893
« GE701GE762GE847GE902DE126Below formKW258KW300Below form6TWIST OF FATE Aldo Domeyer 4c129A 60.03 4 3.90123.1516/114/1SV589GE636Below formGE711Below formDE107Below form
« KW231KW294KW333GE701GE843KW174Below formKW2589BUNKER HUNT Bernard Fayd'Herbe 4g122A 60.02 5 4.20123.2030/120/1GE579GE711Below form
« KW287KW331KW417KW468KW509KW240KW3003VARDY Craig Zackey 4g134A 60.08 6 5.45123.4228/1034/10GE579GE636GE711
« KW377GE673GE773GE849KW201KW240KW30011PACK LEADER Morne Winnaar 5g116A 60.09 7 6.70123.6440/180/1KW360Below formSV589Below formGE619SV653Below formGE707VR220TN306 »
« KW335GE699SV745GE779DE95KW240KW3008UNDERCOVER AGENT Corne Orffer 5h124A 60.06 7 6.70123.6436/166/1MN27MN96Below formMN186MN267MN297
« KW244KW297KW335GE779GE847KW240KW3001DO IT AGAIN Richard Fourie 5g136A 60.010 9 7.00123.69113/207/1GE636GE711GE72Below formKW304Below form
« KW468KW509KW576DE126Below formKW174Below formKW258KW29813MAJESTIC MOZART Keagan De Melo 4g107A 60.013 10 8.75123.9955/180/1KW416Below formGE619GE707Below formGE72DE107Below formDE140FW192Below form »
« KW152KW210DE38DE126Below formKW174KW275KW29814MORE MAGIC Greg Cheyne 4g102A 60.07 11 10.25124.2555/166/1KW416Below formGE619SV653Below formGE714Below formGE64ADE107KW173 »
« GE683GE727GE777GE847GE902KW258KW29810EYES WIDE OPEN Warren Kennedy 5h118A 60.01 12 10.65124.3255/122/1GE579GE619Below formSV674Below formGE70
« KW159KW255KW335GE728GE847DE117KW2407HEAD HONCHO Piere Strydom 6g126A 60.04 13 11.90124.5328/122/1 


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