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(KW334) CAPE FLYING CHAMPIONSHIP (WFA) (Grade 1) (Open to horses at Weight For Age)
Date: 2020-02-01 Time: 15:35
Type: Grade 1 Prize: R1000000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
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« KW468KW532KW567KW23KW152KW201KW2676RUSSET AIR Aldo Domeyer 4g112A 60.02 1 -0.0558.2022/125/1KW362KW411TN892GE71Below formKW146Below form
« KW332KW362SV745GE797GE901KW152KW2974BOLD RESPECT Greg Cheyne 5g122A 60.05 2 0.0558.2115/220/1KW362Below formKW411Below form
« KW208KW280KW332KW362GE797GE901KW297Below form1KASIMIR Richard Fourie 5g128A 60.06 3 0.8058.3351/2032/10KW362GE579SV657GE71Below formDE107
KW319KW346KW419KW507KW2399RUN FOX RUN (AUS) Anton Marcus 4f122A 57.54 4 1.2058.394/137/20KW411SV656KW146
« TN1002SV745TN1221GE901TN218Below formVR333KW2972CHIMICHURI RUN Gavin Lerena 4c126A B60.03 5 1.9558.5163/2069/20KW362VR831Below formTN892SV657GE705GE71Below formTN210 »
« KW507KW23DE71DE87KW152Below formKW175Below formKW23911CELESTIAL STORM Morne Winnaar 4f110A B57.51 6 3.2058.7245/166/1KW456KW501
« KW505KW550DE87DE110Below formKW201Below formKW225KW2677ELUSIVE TRADER M J Byleveld 4g106A 60.08 7 4.2058.8822/150/1KW362KW411Below formKW466KW31Below formDE88Below formKW146KW206
« KW187KW251KW280KW332TN1002DE87KW2973PACIFIC TRADER Corne Orffer 5g125A 60.07 8 4.4058.9115/47/1KW411
« FW86KW243KW332FW437TN1002FW77KW23910PRINCESS REBEL Warren Kennedy 5m119A 57.59 9 7.9059.4720/120/1FW369FW446
« KW370DE403KW476KW550KW8KW152Below formKW225Below form8MACHIAVELLI Piere Strydom 4g104A 60.011 10 12.1560.1640/166/1KW411Below formKW466Below formKW31Below formDE65
« KW271KW332KW614DE95Below formKW174Below formKW201KW267Below form5PLEASEDTOMEETYOU Bernard Fayd'Herbe 4g112A 60.010 11 15.6560.7220/140/1KW362SV601SV658Below form


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