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(KW331) THE CTS 1200 (Non-Black Type) (For 3-year-old Horses)
Date: 2020-02-01 Time: 13:50
Type: (NBT) Prize: R5000000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
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« VR1039TN1123GE846VR268KW202KW238KW266Below form4INVIDIA Aldo Domeyer 3g104A 60.012 1 -0.7571.248/112/1SV601SV657Below formGE71Below formTN211
SV670SV743GE846KW225KW2666CARTEL CAPTAIN Sean Veale 3g101A B60.08 2 0.7571.3610/117/2SV601SV657Below formGE713GE71Below formKW206
TN1099TN1148VR353TN4987VASEEM Callan Murray 3g97A 60.018 3 1.1571.4312/125/1TN746VR882TN264Below form
KW437DE479KW535DE40KW54KW142Below formKW2665THREE TWO CHARLIE Greg Cheyne 3g102A 60.020 4 2.4071.6320/118/1 
« KW603KW49DE82DE114KW177KW226KW30313MR COBBS Keagan De Melo 3g88A 60.015 5 3.1571.7520/150/1KW421KW456Below formDE508Below formDE142KW198
« TN997TN1123GE846GE899TN218TN295KW2592PUTONTHEREDLIGHT Gavin Lerena 3c107A B60.017 6 3.9071.8712/116/1TN937TN142TN211TN306
VR19TN146TN292TN393TN51315WISTERIA WALK Craig Zackey 3f111A 57.54 7 4.4071.9516/114/1TN769TN819TN891Below formTN141TN209
KW497KW605DE73FW138KW277KW31911STOPALLTHECLOCKS S'Manga Khumalo 3g91A 60.010 8 5.1572.0733/133/1FW347GE645SV30Below formGE156
TN968SV743GE776TN1218GE897VR384TN4471ALRAMZ Bernard Fayd'Herbe 3c108A B60.06 9 6.1572.2315/211/1TN116
KW437KW495DE74KW142KW182KW2258GENERAL FRANCO Richard Fourie 3c96A 60.09 10 7.9072.5116/118/1KW421KW467
VR1015SV743VR1157GE897KW266Below form17SPRING BREAK Ryan Moore 3f106A 57.55 11 10.1572.8812/110/1TN892VR946TN333Below form
KW310SV646SV742DE88KW143KW214KW30920SOMEWHERE IN TIME Anthony Andrews 3f88A 57.516 12 10.5572.9450/166/1KW378SV732SV33GE99GE141
« VR1227VR8TN139TN195VR334Below formVR384VR506Below form10RING OF FIRE Morne Winnaar 3g92A 60.019 13 10.8572.9933/150/1VR758Below formVR16VR84Below formTN182VR199
TN997VR1066TN1123TN338KW2669BATTLEOFTRAFALGAR Marco V'Rensburg 3c93 60.014 14 11.3573.0720/150/1TN785VR841VR874GE713TN245Below form
« TN925TN996SV742GE774GE845GE898KW29216WHAT YOU ARE Corne Orffer 3f109A 57.52 15 11.8573.1533/133/1VR667TN721VR801TN819TN141Below formTN209TN242 »
KW438KW534KW21KW143KW218KW289Below form18MIRAGE M J Byleveld 3f98A B57.51 16 12.2573.2233/166/1GE611DE97
« TN997VR1226GE897TN140TN174TN389TN54114SARAH Warren Kennedy 3f119A 57.513 17 12.7573.303/149/20TN894
VR204TN254VR370KW238KW2593PURE STATE Piere Strydom 3c106A 60.011 18 15.2573.7016/118/1VR874Below formTN242TN331
KW301KW364KW475KW16KW54KW22512GROUND CONTROL Sandile Mbhele 3g90A 60.03 19 22.5074.8750/166/1GE632GE700
KW547KW2KW45DE88KW143KW26419CALYPSO BEAT Anton Marcus 3f93A 57.57 20 33.5076.6412/125/1 


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