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(KW238) CTS READY TO RUN STAKES (Non-Black (For 3 year-olds)
Date: 2019-12-14 Time: 13:55
Type: RTR Prize: R2500000
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1400m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR204TN254VR3709PURE STATE Piere Strydom 3c89A 60.07 1 -0.5086.1515/116/1KW259KW331Below formVR874Below formTN242TN331
KW347DE388DE448KW470DE63DE1045RIO QUERARI Richard Fourie 3c95A 60.06 2 0.5086.235/157/20KW302GE632GE713DE105KW206
VR863TN997VR1039TN1123GE846VR268KW2022INVIDIA Anton Marcus 3g104A 60.09 3 1.2586.362/124/10KW266Below formKW331SV601SV657Below formGE71Below formTN211
« DE385VR919TN997GE846GE899TN193VR3701ROCK THE GLOBE Aldo Domeyer 3g106A 60.012 4 1.5586.418/114/1KW259VR686TN722TN776VR874TN937Below formTN264
VR936TN995TN190TN255TN292TN36915INVISIBLE Keagan De Melo 3f93A 57.54 5 1.9586.4840/133/1KW306KW332KW363TN141Below formVR219TN283TN305
KW537KW602KW12KW52DE99KW14811OVER THE ODDS Robert Khathi 3g86A 60.02 6 2.3586.5433/135/1KW284KW339KW352KW438KW499
DE421KW453KW486KW535DE40DE85Below formDE1226SAVVY Bernard Fayd'Herbe 3g91A 60.010 7 2.6586.5916/120/1KW302MN214MN254
VR1165TN1211TN1252TN51TN17710ETCHED IN BLUE Jannie Bekker 3g87A B60.08 8 2.7086.608/116/1KW285VR928VR59TN117VR149VR201TN230 »
KW364VR1006VR1081TN1148VR1229TN2958ON MY MIND Gavin Lerena 3c89A 60.01 9 4.2086.858/113/1KW284KW306KW332KW363VR829VR910Below form
GE906SV60GE98GE158KW146KW20517RETAIL THERAPY M J Byleveld 3f79A B57.511 10 5.9587.1425/133/1VR641GE516SV592SV9GE100GE141GE233
TN943TN994VR1057TN1148TN275KW2027TIGER'S ROCK Craig Zackey 3c91A 60.013 11 6.7087.2725/135/1TN584VR664VR713TN69VR149VR201VR235Below form »
VR1106VR1227TN2404DUBLIN QUAYS Callan Murray 3g96A 60.014 12 7.4587.3916/122/1 
« DE423DE481KW540KW584DE76DE100KW16116PAY PAY Donovan Dillon 3f79A 57.53 13 7.7587.4425/140/1KW311KW344Below formKW372Below form
« DE381DE429KW541KW573KW54KW159KW2023FINDING CAMELOT Corne Orffer 3g98A 60.016 14 8.2587.5315/113/1 
DE73DE89DE131KW16812FREEDOM OF SPEECH Morne Winnaar 3g85A 60.015 15 11.5088.0733/135/1KW437DE489GE212GE271
« KW486KW611KW25DE57DE114KW162KW19814CAPE OF STORMS Greg Cheyne 3g81A 60.05 16 14.5088.5725/140/1KW457KW483DE509KW49Below formDE89KW164


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