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(GE356) SOCCER ANY15 MAIDEN PLATE (F and M) (For Maiden Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-12-29 Time: 14:15
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R100000
Venue: Greyville Course: Main
Distance: 1800m Surface: Turf
Condition: V/Soft  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR205VR281TN3445SUPER FLUKE S'Manga Khumalo 3f66A B58.05 1 -0.25113.1012/133/1SV421SV446GE501Below formGE519GE607Below formGE702GE42 »
GE158GE198GE3277BASETSANA Anton Marcus 3f A 58.07 2 0.25113.1533/109/2SV416GE577Below formGE616GE666SV729Below formSV105GE137 »
GE260SV31912LADY OF LUTETIA Warren Kennedy 3f A 58.012 3 0.30113.1733/1012/10GE401SV416Below formGE575Below formSV624GE691SV6GE367 »
« SV864SV3GE38GE106GE176GE248Below formSV325Below form8RUBY COVE Raymond Danielson 4f66A C60.08 4 2.55113.5512/122/1SV416Below formSV424Below formSV514Below formGE557SV596Below formGE646SV6Below form »
GE757SV863SV11SV65Below formGE198GE2532MISSION BEACH Craig Zackey 3f72A B58.02 5 3.05113.6611/29/1SV424SV473GE607GE88SV448
« SV3GE38GE176GE208GE248GE289SV3254EXCESSIVE GRACE Serino Moodley 4f62A 60.04 6 4.30113.8610/122/1SV416SV473Below formGE503GE575GE606GE668SV6Below form »
SV817GE189GE260SV3256NOBLE DIANA Jarred Lee Samuel 3f50A 58.06 7 4.60113.9350/170/1GE503GE534GE556
GE394GE539GE630GE732SV31914ME BEFORE YOU Gareth Wright 3f67A 58.014 8 4.65113.9536/170/1GE401SV467SV514
GE246SV32510BOLD MOVE Stuart Randolph 3f A 58.010 9 4.95114.0133/1011/2SV416Below formGE540SV625GE681GE717
GE222SV31911GOLDEN DUCK Calvin Habib 3f A 58.011 10 5.45114.1120/140/1SV416Below formGE459SV514GE576SV625Below formSV651Below formSV6Below form »
« GE118GE176GE220GE240GE277SV325Below formGE3279DISNEY PRINCESS Eric Saziso Ngwane 4f55A B60.09 11 5.60114.1550/175/1GE390Below formKY154KY180
GE26GE158GE271SV3253DANCE TEAM Athandiwe Mgudlwa 3f65A 58.03 12 6.10114.2714/150/1GE388SV424Below formSV494GE540Below form
GE140GE2701PARTY SONG Keagan De Melo 3f A 58.01 13 15.80115.8712/130/1TN763VR833VR898VR941VR987TN30VR75 »
GE150GE24013BLUE BELL GIRL Tristan Godden 3f A B58.013 14 25.50117.4750/175/1 


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