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(KW190) BETTING WORLD 087 741 2777 FM 86 HANDICAP (F and M) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-11-20 Time: 15:10
Type: FM 86 HCP Prize: R72500
Venue: Kenilworth Course: Main
Distance: 1200m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse      JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
KW539KW2KW27DE72KW1458MISSISIPPI BURNING Craig Zackey 3f91A 57.54 1 -0.7573.095/222/10KW241GE580GE692DE106KW207
KW438KW474KW534DE79KW1439AMY JOHNSON Richard Fourie 3f89A 56.56 2 0.7573.2113/2127/20KW251KW289Below form
SV783GE826GE896DE75KW1433POINT OF SALE Morne Winnaar 3f95A 59.53 3 1.7573.3729/415/2KW290FW347GE580Below formGE635KW206
KW438KW488KW546DE90DE12110AYE AYE S'Manga Khumalo 3f82A 53.09 4 2.2573.4512/113/1KW264KW308Below formKW355DE491KW8DE63
KW292KW329KW356GE697SV742GE845DE1034VANDAH'S SPIRIT Bernard Fayd'Herbe 3f94A 59.010 5 2.5573.508/19/1KW251KW289KW430Below formKW7KW29DE62Below formDE90
« DE485KW542KW571KW7DE39DE88DE133Below form5ALSFLAMINGBEAUTY Robert Khathi 4f84A 59.07 6 2.6573.5210/114/1KW309KW430Below formKW30Below formDE62DE113Below formKW159KW191
SV807GE896SV60KW1436MAIDENS PRAYER M J Byleveld 3f92A B58.02 7 3.6573.6811/213/1GE611GE52ASV107GE250
« DE131KW183KW226KW371KW420DE452KW4931CAPTAIN'S CHOICE Greg Cheyne 4f87A B60.51 8 3.8573.7116/122/1KW218FW297FW337FW389Below formFW439FW31
KW258KW292KW329GE697SV742GE845DE1032MISS HONEY Aldo Domeyer 3f96A 60.05 9 3.9073.7214/114/1KW251KW309Below formKW378FW481FW15FW30Below formFW65 »
KW310KW339DE380KW545KW11DE10211ORFERD'S FLASH Oswald Noach 3f81A 52.58 10 6.6574.1616/140/1KW228KW274KW344DE388KW439KW33DE125 »
« KW536KW559DE601KW7DE72DE88DE1167IKEBANA Corne Orffer 5m82A 58.011 11 10.1574.736/17/1KW261KW370Below formKW456DE490DE509KW30Below form


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