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(VR284) SAVE THE DATE GAUTENG SUMMER CUP 30 NOVEMBER MIDDLE STAKES (For horses with nett rating of 92 and below)
Date: 2019-10-31 Time: 15:00
Type: ? Stakes Prize: R105000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 1800m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
TN648TN762TN928VR1041TN1280TN191TN22510CAPTAIN FLYNTS'Manga Khumalo4g76A 54.05 1 -0.25109.4518/1021/10TN347TN492
« TN748TN1005VR1071VR1207VR1275VR82Below formVR211Below form1ZEAL AND ZESTDenis Schwarz6g88A 60.0*0.03 2 0.25109.4912/116/1VR385VR484VR601TN697TN767Below formVR910
« VR8Below formVR26TN95TN147TN176VR199VR2657HIDDEN AGENDAJeffery Syster8g79A B56.0*4.08 3 1.75109.7511/229/4TN325VR360Below formTN395VR468Below formTN492VR533Below formVR592Below form »
« TN1103TN1174VR1251SV893VR14Below formTN151Below formVR2356CORRIDOSherman Brown5g79A 56.011 4 2.00109.7910/120/1TN342VR567TN653TN697Below formTN767Below formVR828Below formVR909Below form
« VR740VR789TN1188VR1247VR25TN79TN1124SNORTING BULLCraig Zackey5g85A 58.07 5 2.25109.8415/212/1TN343VR883
« VR987VR1059VR1161TN1191VR1229VR85VR18213MOUNT RAINIERCole Dicken4g66A B50.0*4.010 6 3.00109.9725/128/1VR360Below formVR385Below formVR403Below formVR484VR533TN556VR626 »
GE39AGE343VR1084TN1191VR1247VR127511MEERAASKabelo Matsunyane4g75A 54.0*0.06 7 3.25110.0114/122/1VR403VR485VR873Below form
« TN903TN948TN1283Below formTN79Below formTN149Below formVR211Below formVR234Below form5COME THE DAYRyan Munger5h82A B56.013 8 4.00110.1412/117/2TN343Below formVR485VR533Below formVR601Below form
« TN505GE416VR663TN808VR1071VR158Below formVR2338BOSPHORUSNathan Klink5g78A B56.0*0.012 9 4.25110.1816/114/1VR360KY116
« VR924VR1012VR1071TN1103VR82VR158Below formVR234Below form2DEFY GRAVITYChase Maujean5g85A 58.02 10 5.00110.3112/110/1TN395VR909
« TN973TN1102TN1172TN1240GE22TN94TN176Below form3MARCH TO GLORYWarren Kennedy4g85A 58.09 11 7.25110.708/117/2TN342TN495Below formVR600VR644VR687
« FW354FW386FW414FW435FW513VR199VR2659SABBATICALKarl Zechner5g78A B56.04 12 9.75111.1316/136/1VR357TN395Below form
« GE368SV425GE498SV528SV890SV64VR23512I FLYTejash Juglall4g72A 52.0*2.51 13 10.75111.3025/144/1VR385VR403KY140KY158


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