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(VR235) BETTING WORLD - 087 741 2777 MR 80 HANDICAP (Open)
Date: 2019-10-10 Time: 17:05
Type: MR 80 HCP Prize: R100000
Venue: Vaal Course: Main
Distance: 2000m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
VR985VR6712SET THE STANDARDRyan Munger3G82A 52.01 1 -0.25123.3010/112/1VR360Below formVR661TN747
TN167TN48TN1186PORT KEYCallan Murray4G78A 58.011 2 0.25123.343/17/2GE175TN343
« TN797TN926TN1004TN1098TN1174VR9TN1514NIMCHASherman Brown4G81A B59.58 3 2.25123.6913/210/1VR360VR533VR601VR733VR829VR872Below form
TN542TN596TN677TN840TN1080TN1174TN12402CHEVRONNathan Klink4G82A 60.0*0.07 4 2.50123.7310/128/1TN342TN443
« VR8VR41TN61TN95Below formTN129TN150VR18210ROCKY PATHMuzi Yeni4G71A B54.52 5 3.50123.907/115/2TN274VR360VR485VR533Below formVR567VR601Below formTN653
« TN1026TN1103TN1174VR1251SV893VR14Below formTN151Below form3CORRIDOWarren Kennedy5G80A 60.03 6 3.60123.9210/112/1VR284Below formTN342VR567TN653TN697Below formTN767Below formVR828Below form »
« TN1026TN1080VR1182VR1251VR14TN150VR1825JAGESA JAGESAKarl Zechner4G78A 58.010 7 4.00123.9913/28/1VR360Below formTN395VR813VR873Below form
KW644DE10DE89KW181KW273KW323VR2091SHABBA RANKSCole Dicken4G85A 61.5*4.09 8 7.50124.5925/125/1TN303TN366TN445TN511VR567VR659VR733Below form »
« VR829VR868VR1011TN80Below formTN107VR160VR18211GENTLEMAN ONLYS'Manga Khumalo7G68A B54.012 9 11.50125.2812/136/1TN365Below formTN443VR485VR534Below formVR567VR733VR792Below form
« GE206GE368SV425GE498SV528SV890SV648I FLYCalvin Habib4G72A 55.06 10 23.75127.3916/144/1VR284VR385VR403KY140KY158
TN48TN102TN1517MATLOOBRaymond Danielson4G75A 56.55 11 24.25127.4833/1057/20VR468VR600
« GE353GE560GE636GE725GE781VR1276TN1519IRON BORNPiere Strydom4G72A 55.04 12 26.75127.9125/120/1TN325KY116KY123Below formKY158VR910


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