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(TN163) INTERNATIONAL JOCKEY'S CHALLENGE 16 NOVEMBER MAIDEN PLATE (3 year-old Fillies) (For Maiden 3-year-old Fillies)
Date: 2019-09-21 Time: 13:45
Type: Mdn Plate Prize: R95000
Venue: Turffontein Course: Inside
Distance: 1450m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
 13SIDONIERaymond Danielson3F A 60.01 1 -9.2589.4757/2021/20TN217Below formTN292TN369TN491TN554TN848GE635
TN10110FLOWER SEASONS'Manga Khumalo3F A 60.06 2 9.2591.0121/48/1VR236VR264VR326TN646TN691
TN1252TN768CELESTEWarren Kennedy3F A 60.05 3 10.2591.1814/114/1VR207Below formVR250TN322VR383Below formKY132KY141Below form
 14SPORTS TATTOOMathew Thackeray3F A 60.02 4 12.0091.4720/150/1TN245VR481Below formVR527VR576
VR578TN884VR1007VR1064VR1177TN1236VR51QUEEN OF SOULChase Maujean3F81A 60.011 5 12.5091.558/117/1VR197VR311TN386VR569VR598VR670VR688Below form
VR1115VR1192TN1253VR382BELLE VIEWLuke Ferraris3F74A 60.0*0.09 6 16.0092.1415/212/1TN222VR263TN452VR563VR623Below formVR699
VR2TN736BRIDESMAID BLUESTejash Juglall3F A 60.0*2.512 7 18.7592.6012/133/1VR207Below formVR250VR355VR399TN489FW285FW302 »
TN1097TN1149GE877TN353WISHONAIREPiere Strydom3F71A B60.07 8 19.0092.6414/120/1VR326VR462VR574TN648VR755VR827
TN4711GINSENGDenis Schwarz3F A 60.0*0.03 9 20.0092.8012/111/1TN337TN471VR804VR881
TN1265BOLD BIJOUCallan Murray3F A 60.010 10 29.0094.3014/140/1 
TN1019CHEVALCraig Bantam3F A 60.08 11 29.2594.3536/180/1 
 4ANYDREAMWILLDOMuzi Yeni3F A 60.04 12 33.0094.9712/145/1VR486
VR27CALLIBRADeon Sampson3F A 60.014 13 99999.9915/216/1VR264FW206FW230
VR1228VR1272TN73TN9115MUSAYTARARyan Munger3F70A 60.013 14 99999.9918/133/1VR247KY80KY98KY104KY112KY121KY129Below form »


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