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(SV866) FOLLOW GOLD CIRCLE ON FACEBOOK FM 76 HANDICAP (F and M) (For Fillies and Mares)
Date: 2019-07-14 Time: 15:25
Type: FM 76 HCP Prize: R94000
Venue: Scottsville Course: Main
Distance: 1600m Surface: Turf
Condition: Good  
Grid info:
Grid width:
Date shift:
Previous Races #Horse     JockeyASMREquipWghDr  Fin LBHTimeOPSP Post-Races
SV528GE19ASV296GE381AGE472GE551GE6582MASTER KEYSDonovan Dillon3F80A 61.01 1 -0.5096.6410/125/1GE32FW143SV297GE350SV600GE635
« GE128GE231SV296GE658GE729SV788GE83715KARATAGESerino Moodley5M60A 52.05 2 0.5096.7316/140/1SV16GE49SV88GE122GE247SV340Below formGE501
« GE381AGE447GE561GE658GE686GE752GE7803BON BONJason Gates5M76A B60.0*1.52 3 0.7596.7813/215/1SV14Below formSV63Below formGE179Below formGE216
« SV49ASV112GE173SV299SV528SV652GE7264HIGH ALTARMuzi Yeni5M76A 60.03 4 2.8597.138/112/1SV6SV63GE103GE177Below formSV299SV372FW362
« GE800GE888SV104GE258GE315SV420GE7521PUMPKIN QUEENKeagan De Melo4F79A B61.513 5 3.1097.1827/422/1 
« SV111GE198SV301SV433SV479SV503SV7179CONNECT MEStuart Randolph4F70A C57.09 6 3.2097.208/120/1SV14SV94GE169GE242SV372Below formSV412GE487 »
« DE67DE131KW162KW207KW354SV770GE80210CANTATAJarred Lee Samuel3F70A 56.012 7 3.2597.2110/118/1 
« SV859GE203GE340GE447GE562GE624SV7176SECOND TO NONEWarren Kennedy3F75A 58.54 8 3.7597.2813/215/2SV14GE179Below formGE254SV371
« SV818GE56AKW183KW279KW306GE658GE7265PERFECT AIRSean Veale4F74A 59.06 9 3.8097.2957/207/9GE903GE53KW197Below formKW283SV588GE617
SV5SV108SV267SV297SV650GE72514LIVE AS ONELyle Hewitson3F65A 53.511 10 4.2097.3716/133/1GE911GE48
« GE879GE89GE166GE344GE466GE624GE80213PRINCESS ANALIAGareth Wright5M65A 54.510 11 7.4097.9116/133/1GE881SV17Below formGE49GE77GE152Below formGE233GE329 »
« GE198GE318GE358GE553GE601SV708SV7697GRECIAN LAURELKhanya Sakayi3F73A B57.5*1.514 12 7.4597.9220/160/1KY52Below formKY70Below formKY84KY103KY111KY115Below formKY141Below form »
« GE547GE59GE845GE60SV503GE577SV76912CASCADACorne Orffer4F65A 54.57 13 8.7098.1233/170/1GE911GE31
SV10GE20AGE242GE287GE337GE436GE10411MAGICAL JAVALuke Ferraris3F68A 55.0*0.08 14 9.1098.2220/160/1SV17GE55TN454VR551
« GE264GE340SV422GE513GE562GE624GE8298EXPRESSO MARTINICraig Zackey5M71A B57.515 15 12.0098.7225/160/1GE910


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